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  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015

Holy Trinity convent

At Holy Trinity Cathedral in the 30 years served as a wonderful priests who have committed a feat of the holy martyrs and confessors. In 1935-1937 years he served here Bishop Porphyry (Gulevich), Bishop of Simferopol and Crimea (1864-1937). He led the Crimean department of the most difficult and fateful time for the Orthodox Church from 1931 to 1937god. In November 1937goda Lord, who was in exile in Kazakhstan, was arrested again, accused of "anti-Soviet propaganda and discredit the Soviet Union", was sentenced to death.

closest assistant of Bishop Porphyry (Gulevich) was Archpriest Nikolai Mezencev (1863-1938). In 1903, Father Nikolai became the rector of the Nativity of the Virgin at the hospital Toranova-Belozerova and remained so until his arrest in 1923.

establishment of Soviet power led to many tragic events in personal and church life in his father Nicholas. His eldest son, Sergey - an officer of the Volunteer Army - hid for some time in Simferopol, and then went to Sebastopol, where he was arrested and shot. In 1922 he started a campaign to seize church property to combat hunger in the Crimea. Father Nicholas tried to keep the silver utensils and vessels, necessary for the services, an icon of Tikhvin, donated for the establishment of the hospital, and the icons left by parishioners in the church for safekeeping. Vestry decided to give to help the starving scrap silver and eight vestments of the icons. But the authorities thought that the priest harbors enormous wealth of the church, so Father Nikolai was arrested. He was charged with embezzlement, concealment and negligent storage of church values, and in resisting their removal. Archpriest Nikolai Mezentseva sentenced to three years of concentration camps and sent to prison, Nizhny Novgorod, where he was released after ten months ahead of schedule.

Upon returning to Simferopol father Nicholas served in the Peter and Paul Cathedral, then moved to Holy Trinity Greek Church, who later became the cathedral. Holy Trinity Church was closed in February 1933, Father Nikolai was arrested again, accused of concealing property now Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Greek community under the leadership of Anastas Ksenitopulo came to the defense of Holy Trinity Church, which has already begun to rebuild a boarding school for children. The parishioners sent a petition to the Greek mission in Moscow. Previously, on the advice and with the blessing of the father of Nicholas, they turned to the Greek Consul, by which the community has managed to protect the chimes. Authorities had to return the temple in 1934, the believers, because most community members were Greek nationals, so the authorities had to deal with them properly. Abbot of the temple was the father Mitrofan Vasilkioti, 85-year old man, he was performing the liturgy, but to go beyond the churchyard he had lacked the strength. Father Nicholas forbidden to perform the service, but he helped the elderly abbot fulfill demands and services, read and sing in the choir.

December 15, 1937 Archpriest Nikolai Mezentseva arrested the last time, charging that he helped his son, a white officer, in hiding from Soviet power, that the priest was actively involved in the recovery of the Holy Trinity. In February 1938, the priest Nikolay Mezencev was sentenced to death. Of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in 1997 hieromartyr Porphyry (Gulevich) and Archpriest Nikolai Mezencev canonized saints of locally Crimean.

at Holy Trinity Monastery relics of Saint Luke. Archbishop Luke (1877-1961) - the remarkable, even unique: an outstanding physician, surgeon, a priest. In 1923, the priest Valentin made a momentous decision to become a monk. Taking monastic vows secretly made a bishop of Ufa exile Andrew (Prince Ukhtomsky), calling it the name of the apostle, evangelist and artist Luke. In the same year he became a bishop.

for their faith Archbishop Luke three times, was arrested and sent into exile. But even in remote villages, Archbishop Luke treated patients. In 1934 saw the release of scientific work, "Sketches of purulent surgery", whose importance is not lost in our days, before the author's name stood his spiritual title of "Bishop" - In spite of the torture and abuse that are applied during the third arrest in 1937, Bishop Luke immediately after the war began, at the request of the authorities he was appointed chief surgeon of the Krasnoyarsk evacuation hospital. He helped the wounded soldiers, and after the reference period in 1942. In the same year, Bishop Luke was elevated to the rank of archbishop. Serving on the faculty of Krasnoyarsk, he combined with hard work of a surgeon. Not to be forgotten and scientific activities: in 1943 appeared enlarged second edition of "Sketches of purulent surgery", in the year - the book "Late resection of infected gunshot wounds of the joints." In these works the scientist was awarded the Stalin Prize I degree.

the Crimean land Archbishop Luke arrived in 1946, here he was met with various challenges: post-war devastation, closed churches, the lack of priests. Much effort has made the Lord to restore order in the diocese: prevent closing of temples and tried to open up new, particularly in rural areas, from priests, Archbishop Luke demanded strict adherence to church rules, constantly fought against heresy and sectarianism.

Archbishop Luke did not leave, despite his advanced age, medical practice. He was a consultant in the Simferopol military hospital, in severe cases, he often operated on patients. Bishop had a priceless gift: with remarkable accuracy to diagnose and could foresee the future. In my house (on the street Kurchatov, 1) Archbishop Luka free took sick people who still remember him with gratitude. Credibility Vlodyki was so high that the patients during worship tried to touch his cloak, believing that the mere touch can help them overcome illness. Archbishop Luke wanted to convey a wealth of experience to doctors and students. He often lectured, presented reports, but did so consistently in a cassock with panagiej.

earthy life of Archbishop Luke ended June 11, 1961 in All Saints' Day, in the land of Russia beamed. He was buried in Simferopol in the cemetery near the church of All Saints. And after the death of St. Luke has continued to help the sick: the prayer at his grave, land and water, taken from her, brings healing.

November 22, 1995 decision of the Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea Luke canonized locally venerated saints. March 20, 1996 when a huge crowd of people power of the saint were solemnly transferred to the Cathedral Holy Trinity Cathedral, where they rest to this day, performing miracles of healing. In 2000 at the Jubilee Bishops' Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Luke was counted among the new martyrs and confessors. Now

St. Luke's relics are kept in a silver cancer, which in 2002 gave the Holy Trinity Monastery Greek clergy, Archimandrite Nektarios Church of Greece (Andonopulos) and father Michael.

At the beginning of the street name of Rosa Luxemburg (Alexander Nevsky) is a monument to St Luke. Shepherd in full bishop's vestments right hand blesses all of us, hastily running by on her way. At the monument always, and in the winter and summer flowers. In the Holy Trinity Cathedral houses one of the Crimean shrines: update the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Dun". There are icons - the patroness of cities or entire regions. Once upon a time, and we hovered over the peninsula Theotokos, called Bakhchisaraysky, Mariupol, Hodegetria, Panagia. But in 1778, when Greek Christians resettled in Azov Sea, the icon went away with them, and for a long time, until his disappearance in the Great Patriotic War, was in Mariupol. Since the end of the XVIII century in the Crimea was not sacred equal to that taken with them to the new land settlers. And now, after two hundred and twenty years, was the image, the veneration of which instantly spread throughout the Crimean land.

In 1998, Theodosia Denisenko, parishioner of St. John the Baptist church in the village Pervomaiskoye Kirov district, donated to the church an icon of the Mother of God - the dull, dark, poorly discernible image on a small board without salary, abbot of the temple. Alexander Kozak put the gift icon to the altar. It has been two weeks, come feast of the Assumption of the Virgin. During the festive service, through the wide-open Royal Doors, the former owner of the icons saw his gift and did not recognize him - it was such a vivid image. Barely waiting for the end of the service, she hastened to the priest with questions - where yes when it is so well restored dark icon. The priest was surprised at not less - he did not touch the image.

Even an unsophisticated view was clear-hand Restorer not affected. In some places the paint layer razed to the ground, in places touched by the board shashelem, but the colors are shining, they are juicy and bright. Virgin alone without Bogomladentsa. She folded her hands in prayer, her huge eyes are sad, on the face of the most gentle glow. Painting unsophisticated, we can even say - naive, but the image is touching, touching and feeling. Icon small - 20 x 16 cm, on a tree, provincial painting (presumably the Kiev school), beginning of XX century. Analogues of the icon is unknown, clearly tread inscription reads: "The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary grieving. This lists the names of Marian icons there ...

Commission unanimously concluded that: Icon refreshed. In Simferopol Holy Trinity Cathedral has been served with a thanksgiving service akathist, and soon the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church blessed the Church's veneration of the icon, the celebration of her found 24 October / 6 November, the day that honors the memory of the icon "Joy of All Who Sorrow." < / p>

In 1999, a wonderful icon of the renewed procession went around the whole peninsula, becoming a truly vsekrymskoy shrine. During the procession there were cases when the icon stream myrrh, exuding a wonderful fragrance. Now she is in the Holy Trinity Monastery in Simferopol, for it made a handsome salary. The renewed veneration of icons is great: bow down to it coming from afar, for her salary sacrifice jewelry and compose poems about her ... Seeing this image once, it will not forget and do not be confused with others. On any given day you can touch the miracle manifested to us: to the renewed wonderful icon of the Virgin, the mourning of our sins, our sinful world, and begs the Lord to forgive us

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