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  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015

Church of The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Vvedenskii temple - one of the ancient Greek temples Theodosius, it was built back in the Middle Ages. Scientists have dated the time of the temple grounds VIII-IX centuries. He was consecrated in honor of one of the major events in the history of Christianity - Introduction of Mary.

Her parents Joachim and Anna for a long time had no children and prayed to the Lord for deliverance from their sterility, promising to devote a future child of God. So when their daughter Mary was three years old, and they solemnly took her to the temple. All the way from Nazareth to Jerusalem, accompanied by their relatives. At the entrance to the Temple all the lit candles, went to meet the priests. And then a miracle happened: Otrokovice itself, without assistance climbed the high stairs. At the entrance to meet her high priest Zaccaria, took Mary's hand and led him into a special part of the temple - the Holy of Holies, where he could go only to himself, and then only once a year. That he committed at the instigation of the Holy Spirit: Mary was chosen by God to become the Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, so it was worthy to enter the most holy place of the temple. Since then until his betrothal to Joseph, the Virgin Mary lived prihrame, praying, reading the holy books and engaged in needlework. Day of the Presentation of Mary celebrated the Orthodox Church on Dec. 4.

At the end of XVIII century in the diocese was established Ekaterinoslav vicariate. In Vvedenskoye temple since 1787 houses the Department vicar, who was called the Bishop of Feodosia and Mariupol. The first bishop was Archimandrite Dorofei (Vozmuylov), translated from Nezhinsky Annunciation Monastery. He Empress Catherine II personally gave the cross and Panagia. Lord Dorofei died in 1790 and was buried in Taganrog.

In the same in 1790 due to dilapidation diocesan moved to Stary Krym, but all the rulers continued to serve in the church Vvedensky, A total of five bishops, Feodosiya and Mariupol: the first bishop was replaced by Moses (Gumilevsky), then the bishops were Job (Potemkin ), Gervase and Christopher (Sulima). When Bishop Iove vicariate were subordinated Phanagoria (Taman) and the ground troops loyal to the Black Sea Cossacks. In January 1800 Feodosia consistory ceased to exist.

In 1854 the ancient church Vvedensky made great outhouse. Bishop Hermogenes, who visited Theodosius, has left a description of the church: "a small altar with three arches and a single window. See on four stone pillars with marble top board on the sides between the pillars are represented: from the eastern side - the resurrection of Lazarus from the west - the Resurrection of Christ from the north - removal of the Savior from the Cross, to the south - crucifixion. The altar in the wall. iconostasis in the Byzantine style had been built as far back as 1776, but in 1882 ceded the prison church and replaced with new ones. above the altar - Lights, around which an wooden Greek letters the inscription: "With the fear of God and faith and love begin." Old-timers remember Theodosius, the service was conducted in the temple of the Greek and Russian languages. The temple was small but very beautiful: the entrance - snow-white bell tower, the dome is decorated with stained glass. In the courtyard of the temple was built a house for the priest and four-year elementary school, the entrance is adorned by an inscription: "Eliniko how" (the Greek school). In 1885, the temple consisted of 1,259 parishioners.

In Vvedensky church kept the precious relics: published in 1766 Greek Gospel in a crimson velvet salary, decorated with silver, a silver censer with the image around the Savior's twelve apostles, and the inscription in Greek, which implies that it is a censer donated sacristan Theodore Tolkadzis 10 October 1300. Also in the temple was a silver dish, which was shown Transfiguration. Around the dish was a Greek inscription: "July 5, 1700 these things dish belongs to the Church of the Transfiguration and St. Barbara in the Cafe, donation Colonel Spyridon. We do not know where the church now are priceless things, whether they survived.

In 30-ies Vvedenskii church was closed and heavily disfigured: knocked elegant stone carving, decorating the altar, painted murals, demolished the dome, ruined tower. The building of the former church converted into a gym, in the right nave made a locker room and coaching.

In 1993, part of the temple was returned to believers, and part was still a gym, where he taught the skill of martial arts. Church was necessary repairs. Parishioners were washing the floors, walls and vaults belili, installed temporary iconostasis. It is difficult to establish for certain how the temple looked like before, what was its interior - not kept photos of his appearance. But to restore the dome and bell tower was necessary. This helped the cooperative Kommunalnik and leadership Theodosia commercial sea port, which has donated the temple building materials and heating unit. December 4, 1993 in the church first served service.

Gradually prettier ancient church, once again resembles a house of God. Again erected over the entrance to a snow-white bell tower, crowned with a cross dome, the temple was enclosed with a fence. Replace the temporary iconostasis, painted by his own father, rector of the church, Alexander Vinnik. He graduated from the Kharkiv Art College, then the Odessa Theological Seminary, he served at St. Catherine's Church and the Kazan Cathedral, and is now the rector of the church Vvedensky.

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