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  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015



General Information (Saki)

City Saki, regional center with a population of more than 35 thousand people, is the oldest balneological resort. The city is situated on the shores of Lake Saki, curative mud of which are world famous. Here, 150 years ago was based first in the Crimea mud resort. Area Saki Lake, where it comes from a health center medical mud - 1085 acres, depth - up to one meter.

A popular remedy is also mineral water "Crimea" (type "Essentuki-4"), sources of which are located near the city. Beaches of the resort are located outside the city, at Saki peresypi, 11 km from Sak. The resort operates balneofizioterapevticheskoe association, which includes mud baths with elektrogryazevym branch, waters of the hospital, inhalation, therapeutic showers, subaqueous baths, installation of underwater shower-massage.

The hospital has a therapeutic spa and gynecology department, equipped with clinical, serological, and biochemical laboratories,: X-ray, functional diagnostics, dental, etc. Along with balneogryazelecheniem electrophototherapy used in the clinic, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, cus-matolechenie.

Sak History

From ancient times to the time of the Crimean Khanate was located on these lands, a small settlement. Its inhabitants are themselves not knowing it, gradually discovers the wonderful healing properties of mud surrounding the lakes, as was later many legends are.

Perelomnymmomentomsakskoy history began in 1807 when the famous chemist, FA De Serres, visiting Tauride governor AM Borozdin, produced the first chemical analysis of Sak mud. It was published in 1814 Simpheropol doctor PI Lang in a German magazine and, thanks to the work of A. Scherer of therapeutic muds in Russia, became widely known in scientific circles. At the same time the date has taken root in 1807 as the date of the first scientific studies of medical resources of the Crimea. Thus, one could argue that 2007 marks 200 years of the Crimean scientific balneology, which initiated the development of spa resources of the Crimea.

In 1827, in Saki was founded Russia's first mud baths, where the practice for practical use Saka mud. 10 years later, in Saki office was opened in Simferopol military hospital, also practiced mud therapy.

Attractions Sak

  • Spa park Saki
  • Excavations of the ancient settlement of Kara-Tobe
  • Saksky Local History Museum

Climate Sak

Climate Sak is a unique combination of steppe climate with sea: summer is very warm, winter is mild, the average annual air temperature is +11,8 °, average summer temperature is +23,2 °, winter - +1,6 °.

Natural curative factors Evpatoria

Sulfide ooze mud of Saki Lake, saturated with hydrogen sulphide, substances of organic and inorganic origin; brine Saki Lake high salinity (250 - 280 g / l), slightly mineralized gidrokarbanatno termannaya sodium-chloride water (temperature +45 ° C). The resort operated balneolechebnitsa, mud baths, sanatoriums.

Indications for directions to the resort

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, traumatic disease of the spinal cord, chronic gynecological diseases.

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