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  • Trends sovremennoho society javljaetsja Mass sale of apartments, raspolozhennыh in the city center, and for the ego REAL ESTATE Purchase Limit successfully from street noise.

    October 12, 2015
  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015

Cape Fiolent

Fiolent Cape - this is untouched nature, clean air, clear water Jasper beach, peace and quiet, flowering almond and new experiences. A rocky shore is a heap of gray stones alternating with small pebble beaches. For more than 6 kilometers along the beach nearby the pinnacle bizarre, capes, with some imagination, resemble sphinxes, lions, fantastic monsters. The height of the coast - somewhere between 50 to 200 meters.

white sandy bottom with scattered here and it rocks, covered with seaweed, the amazing multi-colored pebbles, catches the eye on the beaches in the area Fiolent and George Monastery.

Fiolent - a wonderful, charming region, infecting anyone who comes here, one of the unique parts of the Crimea. Cape Fiolent located 15 kilometers from the center Sevastopol in the direction of Yalta and 10 km northwest of Balaklava , on the Heracleian peninsula of Crimea, between George monastery , a beam of Diana and the Cape Lermontov. Wild, pristine rocky shore of Cape Fiolent stretches for several kilometers from Sevastopol to Balaklava.

most ancient name of the cape (a variant of the toponym) - Partenium (maidenly, virginal), is connected with the ancient Greek myth of Iphigenia, which allegedly was a priestess in the temple, situated on the site. Some scholars have interpreted the toponym as distorted Filenko-Burun, which in Turkish - means "Tiger's cape." This is due to the fact that on a cliff promontory has alternating bands of yellowish limestone and dark trachytes, resembling tiger skin coloring. Proponents of the theory of the Khazar (Hungarian language is a direct descendant of the Khazar) origin of the name believe that the name of the cape comes from the Hungarian word "felenge" (high). Modern scholars have suggested that 2 variants of the interpretation of the name Cape Fiolent: "God" and "Stripes" - both based on the Greek language. Title Fiolent (Felent, Feolent) first appears on the Russian maps in 1807 Before that, he called Cape St. Gregory, whose name was located slightly east of the oldest in the Crimea St. George Monastery.

the territory George Monastery , on rocky cliffs in the Cape Fiolent, the former Metropolitan gardens growing rare plants - the wild and planted by the monks. Here the abundance of pistachios tupolistnoy - very ancient relict plant. The tree is very resilient: well tolerated and drought, and heat and cold, well-developed root system prevents soil erosion. Occurs in these places and rare Crimean herbs - juniper. He is not fastidious to soil and excellent survivor. In Crimea there are a few juniper trees, prickly, which is almost a thousand years. At the monastery grow shrub jasmine and sessile oak, dogwood meet ordinary and figs, healing properties of which are known since ancient times. At around steep seaside shores of shallow ground in the vicinity of Cape Fiolent still preserved tiny plots feather Nematomorpha that once covered feather-fescue Crimean steppes.

Nature Monument (1969). Located in the far west coast, where his band is much narrower and in the south of the peninsula Heracleian breaks in the sea. Harsh, wild, almost hundred meter high cliffs towering above the sea here. In the coastal tracts formed numerous niches, stone chaos, tiny islets, arch. Particularly impressive peaked cliff of the cape and a huge Fiolent Diana's grotto. The beauty of inanimate nature complement juniper, Dogwood, clematis, ivy ...

unique natural complex "Cape Fiolent obvious. The special microclimate fiolent the healing power of mountain and sea air create the most favorable conditions for rest and relaxation for adults, youth and children.

most unique place fiolent - St. George Monastery . Previously grounds of the monastery there was a pagan temple. The local bay even mentioned in some Greek myths and legends. In the last century, every traveler, who visited the Crimea, considered it his duty to visit the holy abode - St. George's Monastery, founded back in the year 891. Among them were Pushkin and Aivazovsky, Alexander I and Nicholas II, Prince Golitsyn, and many others. Old working monastery is situated on the edge of the precipice. Here lives a few monks, which will restore the cell and Services George Monastery, preparations for the big temple construction destroyed the shrine. In the 90 years of the twentieth century began the revival of the St. George Monastery at Fiolent. Here is an ancient and legendary cave temple of St.. George. In a small cave temple St. St. George on Friday, Saturday and Sunday open access to the laity in the monastery, and all interested persons may attend the church service. In 1991, the efforts of the Church and the Black Sea Fleet, on the rock of St. phenomena was raised a new seven-cross, weighing 1400 kg. Revitalizing 800-step descent to the purest Jasper beach on an ancient monastery stairs, legends and traditions of this region will make a unique and unrepeatable your vacation on Cape Fiolent.

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