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Mountain hiking in the Crimea «Sky, sea, clouds»

Hiking in the Crimea "Sky, Sea, Clouds»

Duration: 6 days (5 nights).

Mileage: 75 km (+ / - 5 km).

Cost: 1000 hryvnia (Or approx. 130 dollars, 110 euros and 4000 USD).

Difficulty: Medium, small differences in elevation.

Very nice and specific route. Most of the hike we will go along the edge of cliffs main ridge of Crimean mountains. So on the one hand we observe northern expanses of mountain plateau, and with another - endless expanse of tender Black Sea. At the beginning of the campaign we will climb to 1200 meters gradually, going over the sea, we will deduct the height and finally the last night we were at this very sea, and spend the night - in the tract Ayazma, surrounded by relict pines Stankevich and juniper. If you are a lover of open mountain spaces - this is the most it.

Simferopol - Yalta - Botkin trail - VAR. Wuchang Su - Taraktashskaya trail - in. Ai Petri 1234 meters - in. Al Bash 1196 meters - in. Spirady 1029 m - st. Shaitan Merdven (devil's staircase) - Foros Church - per. Baidar Gates - Baidars'ka yaila - in. Ilyas Kaya 682 m. - Laspi - Batiliman - in. Kush Kaya 664 meters - Reserve pm Aya - tract Ayazma - figs - Balaclava.

Route plan:

1 day. Glade of fairy tales. Botkin trail. Waterfall Wuchang su.

As always, the collection group to Simferopol railway station. From there we moved to Yalta and then on the Meadow tales. Although this is a children's park, but if there is a desire that can and visit him. And then we continue our journey along the famous Botkin trail. Hence, open to all kinds of smart Yalta ... Conquering Stavri Kai 663 meters and down to the place of accommodation over the waterfall Wuchang Su. This huge waterfall, but most of the year it is dry. Only in the spring midst of all of its beauty and power.

2 day. Taraktashskaya trail. Plateau and the peak of Ai Petri. Al Bash.

Afternoon we will take by storm Ai Petri Plateau rising on Taraktashskoy trail. And in fact it is a staircase to heaven. Taraktash tract - a breakaway layer breaks the main chain, are extraordinary. Having climbed to the plateau, immediately noticeable how much easier it was to go on a level road. And then we wait temptations of civilization - the very top of Ay Petri. All around is a big Eastern market - camels, bears, tea-houses and other greens. We'll try not to stay long here, because before we had a little better than the top of Al Bash 1196 m. And down by the sea, visible and Simeiz Alupka, mountain cat and Nishan Kay. We camped for the night at the lake near the spring Besh Techno.

Day 3. Spirady. Morcheka. Merdven Kayasy. Devil's Staircase.

From pass Al Bash Bogaz we move on ... and again over the cliffs, there bottom of the sea and beaches and we have wind and perhaps cool. All day we will go over the famous alpinist Crimean walls, where no where Yes, and crawl on the surface of another climber. Morcheka, Baydar Kastropol wall - all these are the steep cliffs, but we do not threatened, we are on a flat trail. By evening we reach the Devil's Pass ladder, when it was a strategically important pass on the road Now looking at this steep slope is difficult to imagine similar. And the night we will be on the picturesque glade near Kuyu Alan an old well which was dug by the Romans in paving road ...

Day 4. Roman trail. Top Chalabi Yaurn Bewley. Ilyas Kaya 682 m.

Today eventful day. In the beginning we will go along the old Roman road, still remains of krepid, here's how quality could build. At times we glance what we have down there - Molasses, Foros, ridge dinosaur. I went down to historic Foros church successfully priyutivshysya on the edge of the cliff. Climb to the pass gate Baidar. Here, beautiful sea views and Baidars'ka valley. Then begin to climb the mountain Chalabi Yaurn Bewley. And from the point of this review can be seen all - Shaitan Merdven, where we spent the night and the trail along which here, of course the sea, gentle and affectionate. Baidars'ka valley with the huge reservoir in the Crimea, and certainly the top Ilyas Kaya, to which we will go the rest of the day. Ilyas Kaya - a welcome convenience for the summit that would see "green light", the mysterious and rare phenomenon. But we have water running out and we go down, that would strike the tent.

Day 5. Jackpot Kay. Cauquil Kay. The Lost World. M. Aya. Ayazma. Fig.

Today's the way we go through reserved tracts Reserve pm Aya. First climb to Kush Kai 664 m. Again, great views - this time at Ilyas Kai, where we were yesterday and again the omnipresent sea. Let's go a bit and find ourselves at the cliffs Lost World. Down can come down only with the equipment, so will not ... And around us pillboxes and pads, tank-seekers and destroyed the barracks - all this military heritage of the Union. Then we go on a thin trail at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level and rounded rocky cliffs finally find ourselves at a spring Ayazma Chokrak. Now fetch water and firewood, we descend to the sea, where he will become the night. A around remnant trees and the unforgettable beauty of the sunset.

6 day. Weaving. Barrel of death. Chembalo ...

Course here is clean and transparent sea, and so did not want him to leave ... but we have options - the paths along the beaches, along the path past Stolen military property "Weaving" a barrel of death and the Genoa Fortress Chembalo or on a boat on the sea ... And in most Balaclava can time to look at the base of submarines hiding in a rock ...

Technical Route data:

Track route "Sky, sea, clouds" on the map of Google .


  • This this hike. Tents, food and so we have a backpack on "Own back". Depending on the weather and condition of instructor can change a few route. The main thing - to have fun of the campaign and good memories.
  • Balaklava easier get to Sevastopol, and therefore a better return tickets taken from Sevastopol. To Simferopol longer - first to 5 km. (20 min.) Then, before stations in Sevastopol (30 min.) and then by train (2 hours) or bus (1,20 hours).

Room Tour: 1000 hryvnia (or approx. 130 USD, 110 EUR, 4000 USD).

Payment Cash at the end of a hike to the instructor. Also check out discounts and order payment and prepayment.

Duration: 6 days (5 nights).

Mileage: 75 kilometers (+ / - 5 km).

Difficulty: Medium, small differences in elevation.

In Tour price includes: camp provisions, instructor services - Conductor, registration In CIL, medical insurance.

Cost Not included: rent equipment, travel and other expenses (usually 50 to 250 hryvnia, in Depending on the desire to visit places of interest paid).

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