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  • Trends sovremennoho society javljaetsja Mass sale of apartments, raspolozhennыh in the city center, and for the ego REAL ESTATE Purchase Limit successfully from street noise.

    October 12, 2015
  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015



General information about Alushta

Alushta is similar to the ancient theater, where in the arena of live and love, work and rest, are in the passions and thought, blissfully lazy people on the beach, followed by the Olympic gods placidity. No guarantee visiting gods, we can not, because our motto: "Moderation, moderation, balance of each word," but the amphitheater, worthy of the gods, will be always at your disposal - for Alushta valley surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the Crimea, and hence on the whole wide world!

In the west, near the sea, you can admire the Castle Dome Mountains, whose height above sea level is 441 meter. Further rise forested hurricanes and Chamny-Burun, and in the background his father could see the rocky spurs of the mountains - Babugan at Yayla which are the main peaks of the Crimea. To the east of Alushta rises legendary Chatyrdag. For the Eastern Cape Chatyrdag begins Angarsk pass (752 m), which runs the route from Simferopol. It is through the Angara and Kebit-Bogazsky passes penetrates Alushta valley towards the magic sea air is clean mountain air. Their union in Alushta and allowed SPBotkin make a precise comparison. Closes cirque Beauty Demerdzhi (1240 m).

History Alushta

People lived in the fertile valley of Alushta long before our era. Excavations in the vicinity of Alushta and Cha-tyrdage find burial "stone boxes", asylum and sanctuary Tauri. The time of founding of the city still be considered in the VI. Mr. e., that is, the construction of the fortress Aluston109 Byzantines, who soon became famous shopping center. In the end I millennium in Alushta valley Byzantines erected a further strengthening Funu.

In the old part of Alushta, on the Castle Hill, remained part of the fortress towers Aluston. Citadel loomed over the surrounding area - as all the Byzantine fortress, it was used most terrain conditions.

name of the city quite often in the Arab and Slavic documents abroad I and II of the millennium. In western instruments and maps XV XVII centuries. Alushta is designated as Lusta and Lusca (Empty, Start). During the military confrontation and the Principality of Theodoro Genoese fortress passes from hand to hand. Turks captured the peninsula include Alushta in the kadylyka, ie it is directly subordinate to the Sublime Porte.

During the Russian-Turkish war in 1774 in Alushta valley bravely fought 29-year-old lieutenant colonel Illarionovich Mikhail Kutuzov, who was awarded for bravery shown in the battle, the George Cross.

After the Crimea to Russia in 1783 became the center of Alushta district. In it 48 yards, has a population of 218 people. From 1832 to 1902, Alushta is located in the county of Yalta, and then receives the status yuroda and municipal government.

Since the mid XIX century. Alushta intensively developed as a resort. This rush of holiday-known figures of science, culture, art, industrialists, merchants. The city grew, more beautiful, but the greatest flourishing resort area reaches all the same in 70 80-ies. XX century. By this time there is concentrated more than 80 health centers: rest homes, boarding houses, sanatoriums, pioneer and student camps. As for the six billion - to say difficult, but one million holidaymakers Alushta takes dignity. Now in Alushta several branches of colleges, schools, six schools, five museums. Alushta is the Olympic stadium with excellent base running track, tennis courts and fields.

In each city is the main street. In New York is Broadway, in Paris - Champs Elysees, in St. Petersburg - Nevsky Prospekt, in Alushta - Quay. It may be slightly inferior to the size of Broadway shops and stalls, but at prices far below the embankment. Bars and restaurants on the Champs Elysees, perhaps, and "abruptly", as it is now expressed, but is it adjacent to the city beach, marina and marine terminal ?..

The guide XIX century. said: "The main decoration of Alushta is a beautiful Orthodox church with a bell tower of Gothic architecture. Church in the name of St. Fedor Stra-tilata was built in the first half of the XIX century. as directed by the Governor-General M. Vorontsov, the architect G. Torricelli, who gave the outlines of its bell shape of the English village church. Temple sv.Fedora Stratilata very handsome, but do not want to accept the fact that he - the main ornament of the city: too much in Alushta fine old buildings associated with the names of famous scientists and artists. During World War II in the surrounding valley of the mountain forests of hidden fighters Alushta guerrilla unit. In his honor named street in the center of Alushta. There is street Snezhkovoy, Gorbachev, Putsatova, Glazskritskogo, Krapivnoe, commemorating the heroes of Alushta - partisans and underground fighters. Another street is named on April 15, the day of liberation of Alushta on the Nazis.

in Alushta decided the fate of Russia empire. In the building, where today is located the Central City Library named after SN Sergeyev-Tsenskogo autumn 1894 met the future emperor of Russia Nicholas II with the bride - Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt. After breakfast, Their Highnesses departed for Livadia.

Attractions Alushta

  • Falls Jur-Jur »
  • Valley ghosts
  • Fortress Aluston (Article VI.)
  • Towers XІІІ-XV century.
  • Medieval fortifications Funa (XІІ-XV century .).
  • Cottage merchant ND Stakheyeva.
  • Dove giving general Golubov.
  • Church Theodore Stratilata.
  • Yukari Jami Mosque.
  • Cosmas -Damianovsky (Kozmodemyanovsky) monastery.

Climate Alushta

hot summer, warm autumn, mild winter. Swimming season in the Black Sea from May to September. In the summer months the average water temperature is close to +26 ° C at a temperature, trained in the Olympic swimming pool professional swimmers.

Natural curative factors Alushta

Alushta - climatic seaside resort. There is a favorable combination of sea air and the air of mountain forests.

Indications for directions to the resort

Diseases of the circulatory system, respiratory, nervous system, metabolic diseases, diseases of the skin.

Our proposal in this region:
Sanatorium Alushta .
Sanatorium Alushtinsky .
Slavutich Hotel .

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