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Church of the Holy Mitrophan Voronezh

a ship's side in Sebastopol, near the Naval Hospital is one of the oldest temples of the city: Cathedral of St Mitrophan Voronezh. Rather, there was only a bell, and the building of the church was destroyed in the last war.

saint, after whom the temple is named, lived in Russia at the age of Peter. History has preserved its secular name - Michael. He was born in 1623godu. Ihotya came from the clergy, most of his life spent in worldly cares about the family. But after the death of his wife's hair cut at Michael Zolotnikovskoy monks in the monastery, not far from the town of Suzdal, Vladimir Province, with the name Mitrofanov. It was him in those days forty years. After some time, Mitrofanov was appointed the first Bishop of Voronezh. He became assistant to Tsar Peter I in the organization of the Russian fleet and prepare for the Azov campaign, donating for the construction of ships of 13 thousand rubles. When Bishop Mitrophan was built in Voronezh Admiralty. He had a firm belief, which are not afraid to bring even a king.

Bishop Mitrophan skillfully managed flock for twenty years and died at the ripe old age on Nov. 23, 1703. After notice that the sick people coming to his grave, receive healing. 7avgusta 1837goda holy relics dug and, as the day of repose, and was to celebrate the memory of St. Mitrophan Voronezh.

That is why in Sevastopol - the base of the Black Sea fleet - appeared in the name of the church of St. Mitrofanov, a lot of made for the development of the Russian fleet. Church was built in 1858. According to eyewitnesses, she was the original form: that upside-bottom boat. Eastern and western walls were triangular in shape, they rose above the roof and were crowned by small crosses. Near the temple was built a stone tower, which together with the church was enclosed with a wooden fence. Church of St. Mitrophan visiting sailors of small vessels, working with shipyards and docks, port officials.

tragic events of the revolutionary years was not spared this small temple of Sevastopol. In 1918, the rector of the church father Michael was shot Chefranov drunken sailors, because he is condemned to death communion sailors mutinied on the battleship. In 1928 the church was closed and handed over to Naval Hospital under the club. And during the Great Patriotic War, the building collapsed. Today the surviving tower used as a chapel.

The fate of the icons of St. Mitrofanov, Bishop of Voronezh, which was before the Crimean War in the Crimea. In 1858, two young women, Elizabeth and Zinaida Richard in one of the antique shops of Paris under different stuff found two Orthodox icons: Assumption of Our Lady and St Mitrophan Voronezh. They began to ask the host, where did these images in his shop and found out that they were removed after the war from the Crimea. No doubt that the icons have been in areas of fighting: they were traces of fire and smoke, having bought two icons, Richard's sister gave them to St. Petersburg, the church drama school. Churchwarden Markovetsky decorate them with silver robes. These icons specially revered and regarded as miraculous, since they managed to survive in the fire and once again return to their homeland from a foreign side.

in Sevastopol not only revived the old temples and building new, January 19, 1995 at Breather-Mount-Temple was built a chapel in memory of soldiers killed during the defense of Sevastopol 1941-1942 and the liberation of the city in 1944 . This place was not chosen by chance, in 1944, fierce fighting broke out here, the Nazis reinforced steep slopes of the mountain. Through the concrete barriers, rows of barbed wire, a barrage of fire had to go through the soldiers and sailors to get to the top Sapun the mountains. In memory of their heroism after the war there had erected an obelisk of Fame and lit the Eternal Flame. Not far away, right under the open air are examples of military equipment, and our enemy. Today, looking from the top of Sapun mountains on opening spaces, neat rows of vineyards, clear sky, listening to the chirping of birds and the sound of wind in the pine branches, it is difficult to imagine that happening here in that distant day. To help us remember and never forget to Sapun Hill in 1959 made a diorama "Assault Sapun Mountain May 7, 1944, where the martial artist T. P. Maltsev, and GI Marchenko, and H, S. Prisekin depicting the events of that day on the beautiful canvas. Thus arose the memorial complex, which today has added a chapel.

Before his death, Christian, ready to stand before God, to repent and receive communion. When he died suddenly, without repentance, there must be otmolen, so the place of bloody battles in the mind of the Church is always perceived as a place of National Mourning. It was decided to construct churches, chapels, monasteries, to the priests prayed constantly for the souls of innocent victims. Over 70 years of living in an atheistic state, we have forgotten about this tradition, but now it rises again.

new church was consecrated on April 7, 1995 in St. George the Victorious. The temple is a truncated cone, topped with the figure of an angel with a cross. The author of the project architect GS Grigor'yants, and the angel made the drawings of Archpriest Nikolai Donenko. Honored Artist of Ukraine GY Brousentsov wrote for the church an icon of St. George. And the artist VK Pavlov carried out a mosaic version of the icon, which is located above the entrance to the chapel.

Now in both churches, chapels, St. Nicholas and St. George, pray for the salvation of the souls of all the soldiers who gave their lives in Sebastopol and Sebastopol buried in the ground. And they are many in Sevastopol, dozens of military cemeteries, the graves have survived even the French and British soldiers who came in 1854 and remained here forever. The graves are monuments in the cemeteries - the memorial obelisks. Well, that revives a forgotten tradition to build on cemeteries, churches, not only to the Day of Victory and significant dates to remember those killed and pray for each day of the fallen soldiers, and that neither war nor peace time is not taken away the lives of our relatives - Defenders of the Fatherland.

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