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    October 06, 2015

St. Nicholas church in Pioneer

In the vicinity of Simferopol Yalta along the route is the village Pioneer (formerly it was called Dzhalman). Here is preserved the old church of St. Nicholas

At the end of XIX century peasant Ivan Petrov decided on his own money to build a temple, a house for the clergy and the parish school, land allocated for construction of the estate owner Dzhalman Countess Anna Feodorovna Monzhene.

stone church in the Byzantine style built in 1895. Du was cruciform in plan, with a small dome with a roof covered with tin, and a stone bell tower, the height of 25 yards. At the bell rang five bells of different size and weight: 5 pounds to 22 pounds.

throne in the name of Nicholas consecrated in 1895 Bishop Martinian, Bishop Tauride and Simferopol.

Saint Nicholas was born in the Lycian city of Patara (Asia Minor) in the family of devout Christians, Theophanes and Nonna. Since childhood, parents instilled in her only son skill to prayer, reading and studying Scripture. The boy's uncle, Bishop of Patara, seeing in him a good education, placed him first reader. Then he became a deacon, and after a priest, presbyter. After the death of his parents Nicholas gave to the poor and the poor all the rich heritage. To Jerusalem for the ship, he got vburyu, but with the help of prayer tamed the raging elements. Upon arriving home he settled in the worlds, a city of Lycia, and was elected bishop.

for their beliefs under the Emperor Diocletian, together with other Christians have been subjected to imprisonment, prison, underwent hunger and thirst. Released from prison only after the accession of Constantine the Great who liberated Christians from the violence of the Gentiles. In the year 325, Bishop Nicholas took part in the ecumenical council, and I showed it to his fiery zeal to protect Orthodoxy and to shame the heretic Arius.

When life St Nicholas vouchsafed by God the gift of miracles, he performed miracles after his death. His holy relics were kept in the worlds and soon became famous miraculous expiry of the world. In 1034 the Saracens captured the town and Likieyu worlds. And after fifty years of St Nicholas inspired in a dream one presbyter in the city of Bari in southern Italy to move his relics in the city of Myra. Transfer of the relics was carried out May 9, 1087 in Church of St. John the Baptist, and was accompanied by many miracles. Then, in the city of Bari was built the temple, where he formed the power of St. Nicholas, and there they slept, manifesting miracles. In 1807 part of the relics of the newly moved to Myra in Lycia.

Saint Nicholas - a very present help to all Christians. His prayers are sailors going to sea, to seek help students before exams, sick, prisoners, nostalgic longing for family happiness. They all hear God's great miracle worker. December 19 Church honors the memory of St. Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra, the miracle worker.

year later, in the yard of the temple was buried benefactor John Smith, his tomb survived until our times. On the granite tombstone inscription: "Here lie the remains of the builder of the church and school Simferopol tradesman Ivan Ivanovich Petrov, who died at 56 year of age in 1896 on April 5".

In 1896, the countess gave the church 209 yards of land, and Prince NS Dolgorukov donated more acres of land for the construction of parochial schools. At the beginning of XX century in the school enrolled 45 children, and the parishioners at the church, there were 2600 people.

After the revolution, many churches have closed in the Crimea. 1922 was difficult for the St. Nicholas Church, confiscated its value to the fight against hunger. In 1927 in Crimea powerful earthquake, which severely damaged the temple: on the facade and the main arch of the portal cracks. Money to repair the church in the community was not, and the building continued to deteriorate. In May 1930 it was closed and transferred to the farm "Monument to Lenin", it made a collective-farm dining room.

During the war the church reopened, she remained active until 1961. But then again, fate has changed, the long thirty years in the closed church staged a warehouse, a library, then the club. During these years the church has changed outwardly, the building now and then rebuilt, trying to give it a "civilian" look. Not until today belfry, but the temple is reborn.

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