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    October 06, 2015

Popular tourist sites and tours of Sevastopol

Sevastopol and regions

Location of Sevastopol - in the center of the Black Sea - has identified a strategic interest in him many empires, including the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, British, Российскую.

the city fought, died, performed feats of many, he was twice destroyed and rebuilt, strengthened and adorned.

throughout the year on a field trip to Sevastopol come almost all residents and guests of the Crimea. And in the summer and "velvet" season - the experts and connoisseurs, for which places of worship are the Cape Fiolent , cape Aya , bay Laspi and Batiliman with unusual even for the Crimea untouched nature.

Sevastopol is the leader among all the cities of the Crimea on the number of foreign tourists, mainly from Britain, France and Italy, visiting the place of the heroic battles of the Crimean War of 1854-1856 years.

center of Sevastopol is a continuous exposure, consisting of a high hill, surrounded by three great built streets and three squares. Twice the city withstood the siege and was completely destroyed. Most of the white stone buildings, reflected in the marine waters of bays were built after the Second World War. Throughout the city monuments and exotic greens. One of the few old buildings is Vladimir's Cathedral , where the tomb of admirals, and other heroes of the first defense of Sevastopol.

especially well Primorsky Boulevard with the famous monument of Sunken Ships and the Count's Quay, and above - the area of Admiral Nakhimov with a majestic monument. Always a lot of visitors in Sevastopol aquarium , Dolphinariums and Museum history of the Black Sea Fleet.

From ancient and medieval history of these places can be found in Chersonese , lasted about 2 thousand years. Moschnye preserved fortress walls and towers, city gates, streets and neighborhoods with yards, wells, residential and public buildings, the remnants of the ancient theater of time.

To the east of the South Bay to Ship side of Sevastopol is Malakhov Hill . Significantly rising above sea level, it dominates the surrounding area. Twice this height the scene of fierce battles: during the Crimean War and the Great Patriotic War. Here, 16 monuments and memorial signs preserved building and massive naval guns since the Crimean War of 1854-1856 period, as well as revolving armored turret (with the damaged destroyer "Perfect"), set during the second defense.

Historical Boulevard with the numerous monuments to the heroes of the first defense fortifications and guns popular, primarily because of the art panorama . The huge painting depicts a reflection of Russian general assault on the Anglo-French troops June 6, 1856.

Another monument to heroism is the memorial Sapun Mountain . diorama «Sapun Mountain Assault" May 7, 1944 "takes us back to the glorious moments of the liberation of Crimea from German fascist invaders. In Diorama in the memorial complex Sapun Mountain are show samples of military equipment the Soviet Union and Germany during the Second World War (field and anti-aircraft guns, armored vehicles, mortars Guards Katyusha captured military equipment) and the memorial ensemble "Heroes of the Battle of Sevastopol».

the south-east of the town of Balaklava Sevastopol is located. Balaklava bay - the eighth wonder of the world. In any case, this convinced the locals, who consider her the most beautiful bay of the planet. This is really one of the most picturesque corners of the Earth. According to some scholars the bay meets the description of the port Laestrygonians, which allegedly hit during his wanderings Greek hero Odysseus. Balaklava - this unique monuments of nature capes Aya and Fiolent , the romantic ruins of the Genoese fortress Cembalo and mysterious ancient temples .

south Balaklava appears in the sea rocky promontory Aya restricting the west southern coast of Crimea. It suddenly begin another climate, other plants. Rocks Cape steep precipices to the sea, in places forming immense falls. In this region, the water in the sea remarkably clean and clear.

Tracts Batiliman and Laspi on the lands of Sevastopol - full Southshore. Rock chaos in the water look quite dangerous, but the Storm is very rare, and the water between the rocks clean. On the slopes of the many evergreen trees, the age of many of them close to a thousand years.

If you move in the direction Bakhchisaray, you are in another town on the lands of Sevastopol - Inkerman. Since time immemorial, extracted here, dense white limestone, so the surrounding rocks are permeated catacombs. We used them for military purposes, for hospitals and monastic cells , ideal cave for wine ( Inkerman Winery ).

AND nkermansky cave monastery was founded in the VIII -IX centuries ikonopochitatelyami monks who had fled from Byzantium. It consisted of several churches and residential and business complex of caves. They relate to each other carved in the rock moves.

Directly above the monastery on a hilltop strut tower of the medieval fortress Kalamita . It defended the commercial port Mangupskogo principality, which in the XV century, led by Kalamita brisk trade. To use the port and the Crimean Khanate. In 1434, the Genoese sacked and burned Kalamita. However, after the defeat of the Genoese forces at Solkhat (Old Crimea) mangupskie rulers rebuilt the fortress. In 1475 the Turks easily captured the fort and renamed it in Inkerman.

very peculiar monument technology is Inkerman quarry, whose bottom is filled with spring water. This left the water source of St. Clement, due to his prayer, nearly two thousand years ago. Throughout all these years, mine worked! From the Roman Empire and to the modern stone-cutting machine Rock store galleries, generation, huge terraces.

Of Inkerman be a scheduled steamer to go swimming at the north side of Sebastopol. Beach under Radiogorkoy known as a nudist, and wonderful beaches and Uchkuevka Lyubimovka have all the features of modern seaside resorts. Further to the north of the sandy beaches near the village of Kacha Orlovka and garrison. Coast from Kachi to Sevastopol not mastered and savage.

List of popular tourist sites and tours of Sevastopol:

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