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Livadia, Oreanda.

Livadiysky dvorets
Livadia Palace
sanatory Livadiya
Sanatorium Livadia

General information about Livadia and Oreanda

These two urban settlement - the next neighborhood to the west of Yalta. The first of these is self-titled Cardiology resort Livadia (for achievements in medical work of his team was awarded the Order of the Badge-Poche ta "), the second is no less well-known health resort - obscheterapevtichesky sanatorium Oreanda».

Livadia and Oreanda compounds HN highway and terrenkury - trail, which continues until sanatooiya named Roz Luxembourg in the village of Gaspra. The first section of trail length of 1200 meters zakanchi-Vaeth original arbor-semi-rotunda, from which has opened up a breathtaking view of the sea and the coast.

History Livadia and Oreanda

in Livadia, in the former royal palace, in 1925 opened the world's first peasant resort Livadia . Twenty years later, in February 1945, is the historic Crimean (Yalta) Conference of Heads of governments of the three Allied powers, the anti-Hitler coalition - the USSR, the USA and the UK.

now in the Livadia Palace Exhibition Complex on the work of the conference, as well as achievements in socialist construction, all fifteen Soviet republics. The palace is surrounded by a large park - one of the best on the southern coast.

in the sanatorium "Oreanda" in different years rested prominent scientists, among them - SP Korolev, Kurchatov, AN Tupolev. This is the first resort on the southern coast of Crimea, which was built after the Great Patriotic War (the authors of the project -
architects M. J. Ginsburg and DM MI-haylovsky). Remarkable Oreandovsky park - also a memorial place: he once walked alleys VA Zhukovskii, PV-Bn Zemsky, NA Nekrasov, AP Chekhov. Corner of the park is mentioned in the story of Anthony Pavlovich "Lady with a dog-Coy».

Livadia palace complex - an outstanding monument of architecture. Large (White) Palace was built mostly in the tradition of the Italian Renaissance, with elements of gothic and oriental architecture. The summer residence of the last Emperor conceived and executed as an architectural complex that consists, in addition to the main building (built in 1911-1912.) From the suite Corps (1911), Minister of the palace courtyard Count Fredericks (early 1900-ies.) And Palace Church. Author of the project and builder of most of these stores - the famous architect academician N. Kras-nov (1865-1939). Some interesting of his works is in the Crimea - Yalta and Simferopol and abroad - in Yugoslavia.

Livadia and Oreanda located on the site of ancient settlements. Remains of medieval defensive walls on the Cross rock in Oreanda can be seen today.

Attractions Livadia and Oreanda

  • Great White Livadia Palace
  • Palace "Swallow's Nest" - the castle of Baron V. Shneygelya
  • Livadia Park


Climate Livadia and Oreanda tantamount to Yalta. Subtropical, Mediterranean-type: warm and dry. Number of sunny days 225. Winter is very mild, with high rainfall, the summer is hot and dry.

Natural curative factors Yalta

favorable climatic conditions foothill resort of Mediterranean type. Curative air of mountain forests, maritime air of the Yalta coast, as well as the beautiful landscapes and an abundance of greens are the main medical factors southern resorts. The resort operates resort Livadia , specializing in the treatment of the circulatory system.

Indications for directions to the resort

Specific and nonspecific diseases of Dahaniya, circulatory, nervous system and other diseases.

Our proposal in this region:
Sanatorium Livadia .

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