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    October 06, 2015

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

In Yalta is a beautiful cathedral in the name of Alexander Nevsky. He is a genuine admiration from all who see it. In the 80 years of XIX century, all over Russia churches were built in memory of the martyr-king Alexander II, who died March 1, 1881 a bomb exploded at his feet. They were consecrated in honor of Alexander Nevsky, which was heavenly patron of Russian tsars. In Crimea, in honor of this holy temples were built in Simferopol and Theodosia . Yaltintsy and decided to build a great cathedral, the more so as the city grew and the Church of St. John Chrysostom became crowded. The intention of townspeople supported the Emperor Alexander III.

March 1, 1890 established a building committee, headed by renowned engineer, scientist, ethnographer Bertier de la Garde. The committee consisted of thirty-respected yaltintsev: among them, Prince V. Trubetskoy, Earl N. Mordvinov, Baron Chamberlain, engineer AL Wrangell, Privy Councilor PI Gubonin, Dr. V. Dmitriev, famous architects PK Terebenev and NA Staaken-Schneider, son of the architect, who built the palace in Oreanda.

Committee appealed to the Yalta city council with a request to withdraw for the construction of place at the Livadia bridge. But it turned out that this place has brought the town a good income, and therefore suggested that another, in the city center, at the intersection of Sadovaya and Sea at the foot of the mountain Darsan. Large plot of land, located nearby, donated AL Baron Wrangel. At the temple to sacrifice all kinds of people: City Council, Major General Bogdan V. Khvoshchinski, vinopromyshlennik JF Tokmakov and simple yaltintsy.

First draft of the temple developed in 1889, architect K. Eshlimana, but it was not approved. The new project commissioned to make NP Krasnov, who worked in collaboration with PK Terebenev, March 1, 1891 the day of the tenth anniversary of the death of Tsar Alexander II, the solemn laying of the cornerstone of a new church. Archbishop Martinian celebrated a prayer service directly to the construction site. The first stone of a future church put Empress Maria Feodorovna.

For temple architect chose the old Russian style, using many decorative architectural elements: pilasters, portals, kiottsev, hearts. Cathedral was built bunk, with open galleries and tent porch. Painted in white and pink hues, making it elegant, festive. Icons for the church produced in Mstera Vladimir province.

11 bells for the three-tiered bell tower of the cathedral were cast in Moscow, the chief bell weighed 428 pounds. All the bells of the church gave the Crimean vinopro-Myshlennik and philanthropist ND Stakheev.

Consecration of the cathedral took place on Dec. 4, 1902 Archbishop Nicholas, who helped the archpriest of the Cathedral Nazarevskiy, Archpriest Ternovskii and Yalta priests Serbin, Shchukin, Krylov and Shcheglov. The new temple was struck by their originality: "The construction of the temple performed excellently, fundamentally, firmly and stylishly: Russian style seasoned perfectly," - such was the opinion of the Commission, the host church.

splendor and extraordinary beauty of the external appearance of the temple should have been combined with the interior design, therefore in 1901 had all-Russia contest, the winner of which would be able to design the interior of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. First place was taken by the architect SP Kroshechkin. For projects NPKrasnov Kiev artist I. Murashko painted the iconostasis, they also made a solid dome and walls painted in Byzantine style. On the outer side of the temple, in a granite frame-Kyoto positioned mosaic with the image of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky. Mosaic was performed by pupils of Venetian master Antonio Salviati.

Temple dvuprestolny: upper throne was consecrated in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky, and the bottom - in the name of St. Artemia, this holy Church honors October 20, the day he died, Emperor Alexander III. All of the dome of the cathedral was covered with gold. A special pride in eleven bells, ringing their crimson poured over Yalta, the surrounding mountains and the sea.

In a similar style to the temple was later built two-storey house of the clergy, reminiscent of the ancient Russian tower. Its author was MI Kotenkov. In the years 1903-1908 to build another house in three floors, there was a large assembly hall for the Alexander Nevsky fraternity. In this house housed a parish school and a shelter for the weak-chested patients. School named after the Crown Prince Alexei.

Orthodox Brotherhood of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky was created by decree of Emperor Alexander III, Tauris, and Ecclesiastical Consistory in Simferopol Cathedral November 23, 1868. The founder of the brotherhood became Archbishop Gury (Karpov). Tasks fraternity were varied: to create church and parish schools, and churches provide them with material assistance, to build new churches, care for the poor, the elderly and orphans, to deal with schisms and sectarianism, during the First World War, Alexander Nevsky brotherhood and community nurses of the Red Cross collected gifts, medicines, medicinal herbs for the soldiers, and organized hospitals and sanatoria for the wounded. Brotherhood enjoyed well-deserved reputation, it is different from the spirit of charity and piety.

first archpriest of the cathedral was Alexander Yakovlevich Ternovskii, first served in church of St. John Chrysostom . Cathedral has become a favorite temple yaltintsev, came here on holidays and days of grief. Temple shared with parishioners hardships of the revolution and civil war, are not only kept faith in the people, guarding the cathedral, protecting people's lives. In 1918, during the bombardment of Yalta by the Red Guards in the walls of his sheltered residents of the city.

In June 1918 in the lower church funeral wife Dostoevsky Anna was. She was buried in the cemetery in Autko, and only many years later, her remains moved to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg, where he is buried, Fyodor Dostoevsky.

In 1938, the cathedral was closed. Bell was removed and sent to the facility. In the church organized a sports club.

Worship in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was reopened in 1945 and since then has not stopped. Temple returned the building parochial schools, which previously was home teacher. Now here again the priests and talk with children at school has a children's choir.


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