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    October 06, 2015

Bakhchisaraysky Khan's Palace

Bakhchisaray main attraction - a unique architectural monument of XVI-XVIII centuries. Khan's Palace (Khan-Sarai). The area now occupied by the palace, more than four hectares.

Khan's Palace in Bakhchisarai was built as the residence of tribal dynasty Gera - the rulers of the Crimean Khanate. For two and a half centuries (from 1530's to 1783) Bakhchisaraysky palace served as the center of political, spiritual and cultural life of the state of the Crimean Tatars.

no less importance is the Palace today. First of all - a national shrine of the Crimean Tatar people. It occupies a prominent place in world literary traditions. Bakhchisaraysky Palace - the most important historical monument of the Crimean Khanate, the world's only example of the Crimean Tatar palace architecture, as well as unique to Europe whole palace complex of the Middle East civilizational terms.

Bakhchisaraysky Khan Palace is a monument of history and culture of world significance, which was recognized in the recent outbreak of includes the Palace in the World Heritage List UNESCO. Bakhchisaraysky Palace was not the only khan's residence. In Crimea, there are five so-called Small Khan Palace - an old palace Devlet-Saray, palaces Ulakly Sarah, Alma-Saray, Kachi-Saray, Syuyren-Saray. However, it was the holiday villas Khan's family, and the main seat of the Crimean rulers have always remained Bakhchisaray.

In the two and a half centuries, which served as a residence Hansaray head of the Crimean state, its appearance has changed considerably. It is not easy to exactly restore the sequence of changes, which ultimately led to the folding familiar to us this image Khansari. Almost every new governor at the Palace there were new buildings, make repairs. Crimean khans put a monument for the ages in the form of palace buildings, several of which can be seen in Bakhchisarai today.

Monument Sahib I Giray serves as Bahchisaray. When Devlet I Giray (or later) at the Palace of the Khan first rose Durbe at İslâm III Giray - second Durbe and assembly hall, with Bahadir I Giray - another building for official receptions. Kaplan I Giray perpetuate the memory of himself in the construction of the Golden Fountain. Selyamet II Giray elevated pavilion named after him. His name is imprinted on many buildings of the Palace (in particular, Big Khan Mosque) restored them after the fire, which almost destroyed the palace during the invasion of Russian troops. Arslan Giray built next to the Khan Mosque madrassa. Crimea Giray elevated excellent Durbe Dilara-bikech, "Fountain of Tears" and the richly decorated interior rooms of the Palace.

change over time, architectural and ornamental styles: lucid designs murals of the XVII century. depicting bunches of grapes and slabs of marble, were replaced by a delicate plant compositions in the style of the Crimean Rococo; replaced the solemn echoing halls of the 16 th century to the XVIII century in Palace began to build a lightweight kiosk buildings. The list could continue: a careful study of the art history of the Palace can give a fairly clear cut alternation of styles in the Crimean Tatar architectural art.

Last Crimean khan Şahin Giray, went down in history as a great adventurer, who ruined as a result of their own country, had the intention to move the Crimean capital of Bakhchisaray in Cafu (now Feodosia). He even began to build a new residence - but lost power in 1783, did not have time to implement his plan.

The Imperial Palace of the period was under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Here are the police officer, with the permission of the governor allowed the important guests to inspect the former residence of the khan. From time to time, visited the Palace of the emperors and members of the royal family - of course, for that reason the object was "sensitive" and access to it was opened by no means all. An exception was made during the Crimean War of 1854-55, when the hospital was situated here.

After the February Revolution found many willing to assign a unique monument - but, fortunately, there were people who managed to persuade the Provisional Government of the need to organize a museum. Thanks Useinov Bodaninskomu Palace since then and still is a museum institution.

the image that Hansaray has now, in general formed in the XVIII century. when the ornamental art of building and the Crimean Khanate reached the heights of perfection.

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