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Three Saints Church in Simferopol

On Gogol Street is a beautiful church - a temple of the Three Saints. Its history is inextricably linked with the history of the Theological Seminary. In 1859 the diocese became independent in Tauris. For the preparation of their clergy in Simferopol opened first male Diocesan Theological College. Then Bishop Alexis (Rzhanitsyn) proposed to open a seminary, but the Holy Synod, there were no money for construction. , Who succeeded Bishop Alexis Bishop Gury (Karpov) decided to find a means in place, and succeeded. May 30, 1869 Emperor Alexander I gave permission to open in Simferopol Theological Seminary. Several years lasted construction, and now August 19, 1873 opening ceremony. 150 seminarians began their studies, not all graduates have become priests, but all were able to get an excellent education here, because at the Theological Seminary, besides theology, taught mathematics, history, philosophy, and native classical literature and science. Here he taught the famous Russian philosopher, professor of theology and political economy at the University Tauride priest Sergei Bulgakov (1871-1944), he performed service in the seminary the Church of Three Saints. Building Theological Seminary preserved, it is located on the street Heroes Adzhimushkaya, next to the temple of the Three Saints. Built in the style of Russian classicism of the project architects Grachev and Eremeeva. On the second floor of the eastern part of the seminary was a church in the name of the Three Saints. When laying the building and its foundation laid plaque with the inscription: "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Founded this temple in the name of the universe skih Three Hierarchs - Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom in the house Tauris Theological Seminary in Simferopol, in the prosperous reign pious Emperor of All Russia Alexander II, when svyatitelstve Guria, bishop of the Tauride and Simferopol, in the management of the Tauride Huber-nieyu His Majesty's suite, Major-General Alexander Gergardovich Reuter, 1871, April 11 the day ".

Over time, an increasing number of students, and the church was close, so we decided to build a new large temple. It was founded in 1900, the project architect has developed A. Karapetov. The temple was built on the type of the basilica. The word "basilica" came to us from Greek and means "royal house". In Athens, the so-called portico, where the ruler met - Archon Basilio. Originally, the basilica served as judicial halls, markets, exchanges and other public buildings in architectural terms, this elongated rectangular building divided internally by longitudinal rows of columns into several pieces - known as the ships, or aisles, the middle aisle is usually taller and wider than the others. At the dawn of the Christian basilica was one of the main types of Christian churches.

Church of Three Saints rectangular, decorative stands on a high pedestal, on the east side stands triangular apse, in the central part of the image which St. Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom. Large rectangular windows are decorated in the top of the decorative innovative features. Multi ornate cornice separates the top of the building. Church of Three Saints pyatikupolny: four small onion-dome shape located on the low turrets at the corners of the central part. Hip roof goes into a drum light, elegant, slim with eight arched windows. Its main dome is crowned with a cross. The temple is very beautiful, from its contemplation is a joyful experience. It was built two years and was consecrated September 11, 1903. Painted Church by artist DP Righteous. Real decoration of the interior was iconostasis, made by Petersburg artists of oak.

Bishops - is the holy men of God, glorified by the Church in the Episcopal bishop or a bishop. St. Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom - ecumenical teachers, ie teachers of the Christian Church.
Basil the Great (330-379) was born in Caesarea, the main city of the Roman province of Cappadocia. His father was a teacher of rhetoric and philosophy and taught these sciences of his son, who raised him in the Christian faith. When Vasily was 14 years old, his father died, so the young man went to the north of Asia Minor, where three years he lived with his grandmother. Then, Basil went to Constantinople and Athens, wanting to deepen their knowledge. There he met and became friends with Gregory the Theologian. After a five-year study of secular sciences in Athens, Basil went to Egypt, where he studied theological writings. He traveled to Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia and visit holy places, acquaintance with the life of Christian ascetics. Basil the Great was famous as a preacher and polemics, the interpreter of Scripture and the moral teacher. In his conversations and letters, he talked about love, forgiveness of injuries, meekness and humility. Archbishop of Caesarea - Eusebius appointed presbyter of St. Basil and the leader of the monks in Caesarea. The monks are still guided by the charter of monastic dormitory, written by St. Basil and Gregory. St. Basil died in 379 year. We do not know where his holy relics are kept. On Mount Athos is only the head of the saint, and his body during the Crusades were taken and transferred to Flanders. For a moral and ascetic life of St. Basil the Great was named.

Gregory (Nazianzus) for their theological writings was named the Theologian. For some time he was the patriarch of Constantinople. Memorial Day Gregory the Theologian, on Feb. 7.

Each of their day Saints Remembrance, February 12, celebrates the Cathedral Church of Three Saints. Tradition says that after the death of saints people chtivshie separately any of the three saints, began to argue and quarrel over who has brought more benefits to the Church. In 1084 the Metropolitan Mauropous were three St. John, and declaring that they are all equal before God, commanded to stop arguing and to establish a common day of celebration of their memory.

After the revolution in the temple of the Three Saints worship occurred before 1924, and then closed it, the iconostasis was destroyed, the crosses removed. In the former church at first housed Regional Archives, then - storage library named after I. Franko. Only after 65 years after the closure of the temple was returned to the Crimean diocese. Also in 1989 began restoration. In the Crimean branch of the Institute "Ukrproektrestavratsiya" architects E. Samonina and O. Sergeeva developed a project on which the church returned to its old, elegant appearance. Many people, firms and companies involved in its revival. Plated crosses were made and donated to the Crimean financial-industrial corporation "Republic", established their working enterprise Krymaviamontazh. " Largest cross 6 meters in height and weighing 200 kilograms, blessed by the Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimean Lazarus, established with the help of a helicopter. Despite the windy weather, the crew performed their work professionally, clearly. Today we can admire and visit one of the beautiful temples of Simferopol.

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