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    October 06, 2015

Village Scaley, Skelskie menhirs, Skelskaya cave

Baydarskie fertile valley of the chosen people since ancient times. Old names of villages - Urkusta, Baga, Savatka, Sahtik, Chait - sound like magic spells from the old fairy tales. They are mostly not translatable and do not belong to any known languages. Perhaps they were inherited from the people that lived here in a very remote times. It is a memory of a "proto-language" may Taurus, and perhaps even more ancient. In this blessed place people lived more than five thousand years ago. There are numerous tombs Tauri - "stone boxes", the burial of the ancient Greeks, Romans, the monuments of the first (1854 - 1855 gg.) And second (1941 - 1942 gg.) Defense of Sevastopol.

most famous monument of prehistoric man in the vicinity of Sevastopol - Skelskie menhirs - located in the center Baydarskaya valley in the village Rodnikovskoe (formerly Scaley). Menhirs (III - II millennium BC) - a vertically set in the form of obelisks stone blocks - the oldest example of the conscious construction of human activity, the first example of architecture, religious astronomical construction of the Stone Age. The most famous of such building in the world is Stonehenge.

If other sites of archaeological, in many scattered in Baydarskaya Valley and surrounding mountains (cave park, remnants of ancient settlements, burial grounds), it is impossible to find without a guide, an archaeologist, then skelskie menhirs not only easily find and view, but you can even touch hand, mentally transferred into a frightening abyss of bygone centuries. They are right at the entrance to the village Rodnikovskoe a first home (a country club). One of them - in the fence around the monument to the common grave of the Soviet Army and the guerrillas killed during the Great Patriotic War.

menhirs two: a large, height 2.8 m, the other - a squat, its height is less than 1.2 m. It was a third, a height of 0,85 m, but in the first 50 years of his dug during the construction of water mains. Local name of this place - flowed Tash ( "delivered stone"). Weight of larger amounts of more than 6 tons, but no nearby quarries, and the next rock are seen in only a few kilometers. Menhirs, they say, well they heal. Lone menhir stands over an underground stream of water, and at the point where the rivers intersect with each other. It is believed that water - is the concentration of the accumulation and conservation of energy and information. And in a place where the rivers are woven into a ball, water acquires magical properties of the crystal. Other studies have shown that the menhirs, like a snake entwined with the energy ribbon, stretching upward. And they're standing at the points of accumulation of negative energy, transforming it into a positive. Such places are also called zones of the Force. It should touch the megaliths - and his hands as if washed by the invisible flow of water.

Not only menhirs and dolmens prove the antiquity of habitation Baydarskaya Valley. Nearby is the famous Skelskaya stalactite cave - Natural Monument (1964) on the slope Baydarskaya valley at the foot of Mount Kara-Dag. Of all the caves equipped Skelskaya closest to Sevastopol. The cave has considerable size, beauty and well-preserved calcite sinter. It is equipped with stairs, lit. Here you can see the Fireplace room, Dolphin Hall, as well as basic - Knights, where you can admire the thumbnails Foros Church, Swallow's nest, the silhouettes of the praying monk and other fantastical sculptures. Here one can observe the birth of stalactites - appeared on the "ceiling" of the cave are small spikes in a thousand years promise to become a polutorametrovyh handsome. Several vertical wells 25-45 meters deep connecting the upper rooms of the cave with the young emerging floors lying deeper. In the lower galleries were formed underground lakes and rivers. The total length of all the galleries of the cave reaches 570 m. In Skelskoy cave were found the bones of extinct animals: the forest cat, saiga antelope, etc., discovered in 1904 a local teacher, Skelskaya cave has always attracted people's attention.

Currently entrance to the cave flooded, tours are not conducted.

Kalendskaya trail. was named trail along the old name of the village Podgornoe (Kalenda). To get to it should go up the path, winding among the trees. This is the famous Roman military road, via militaris, from Chersonesus through the mountain pass Shaitan-Merdven the Southern coast of Crimea to the Roman fortifications. On the route of the road preserved sites of its cobblestone pavers, retaining walls - krepidy.

Falls Kobalar is located in the creek Kobalar-Su, a tributary of the Baydarskie Valley, 3 km from the village advanced. The amazing spectacle of a rapidly declining flow can be admired only in the spring. Summer and a stream and waterfall, as a rule, are drying up. The waterfall is also known as Cap.

extinguished cave - just as translated from the cave Syundyurlyu-Koba, clothed in traditions and legends. Syundyurlyu-Koba - one of the few monuments of the Bronze Age in the vicinity of Sevastopol. This cave was, and pagan temples, and early medieval church. It is situated on a hilltop, a few kilometers from the village Novobobrovskoe.

Stone Village - Koi-Tash - one of the many cemeteries in the valley of Taurus. So-called "Tavrskie boxes" - the tomb Tauri dated VI-V centuries. BC. BC.

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