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Monastery of Saint Theodore of Tyrone at Cape Ai-Todor

Ai Todorsky cape known not only for residents of the Crimea, but also the guests of our region. His fame is due to a small castle, hung over the sea at the edge of the cliff sorokametrovoy.

«Swallow's Nest" was built in 1912 by architect A. Sherwood. Since then it has become a favorite subject of photographers and artists. But Avrorina rock - this is only part of the Ai-Todorsky Cape, which is issued in the sea with three spurs. The highest of them, the south-west, from ancient times served as a guide to mariners. It was arranged beacon light which helped the sailors to return to native shores alive and unharmed. Once past the Ai-Todor on a ship going to Theodosia, sailed Tver merchant Athanasius Nikitin. In 1835 the lighthouse was built here, acting to this day.

second protrusion Ai Todorsky cape called Monastery-Burun, the third - Lyman-Burun, it is easy to learn: in front of him, near the sea cliff towering sail.

But we are interested in Monastery-Burun, which in translation from Turkic means "Monastery cape. Indeed, here in a long time there was a monastery, bearing the name of Saint Theodore of Tyrone. Therefore, the entire cape called Ai-Todor - St. Theodore.

ruins of the monastery, researchers described the Crimea XIX century. In ancient monastery stood on the highest point, near Swallow nest and was clearly visible from the sea. Even in the last century could see the ruins of a small temple, looking for sailors who asked for help or blessing for the long voyage.

Unfortunately, a detailed study of the monastery was not done. But time continued its destructive work, helped him in this, and people. In XX century was no more trace of the destroyed temple, but remained the foundation of ancient buildings are found tiles and fragments of pottery, old graves. But excavations have not been started - there were no funds. And after the territory of the ancient monastery concreted, now this area belongs to the customs administration of Ukraine. So under a layer of concrete was buried history of one of the oldest monasteries of Crimea.

Now it is impossible to say with certainty when it was founded monastery of Saint Theodore of Tyrone. In "Zhitiii John Gotha", written in the IX century, refers to "the holy abode in Koreiz. Obviously, monastery was founded during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, who, in order to protect the southern coast from enemy raids, ordered to build a fortress and Aluston Gorzouvites. Monastery of Ai-Todorsky Cape has a dual role: it was the spiritual center of the Christians and strengthening. Around the monastery eventually emerged settlement.

known that in 547, the Goths were invited bishop of Constantinople. His residence became a monastery of St. Theodore of Tyrone. Only John Gotha, who refused to bow to Byzantium, Ai-Todorsky monastery has ceased to play a leading role. The new residence was established in Partenit .

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