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  • The capital of Finland Helsinki & mdash; the perfect place for a holiday. The tourist infrastructure is very well developed, so that everyone who came here, easily find for himself something for everyone.

    December 01, 2015
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  • It is well known that investment in the purchase of holiday homes will not only preserve their capital, but also to increase it. Especially if the housing is located in the popular resort & ndash; in Crimea. More

    October 20, 2015
  • Trends sovremennoho society javljaetsja Mass sale of apartments, raspolozhennыh in the city center, and for the ego REAL ESTATE Purchase Limit successfully from street noise.

    October 12, 2015
  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015

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most popular tourist sites and tours in Crimea in cities and regions

Crimea - a wonderful place, as if specially designed for relaxation. Since ancient times, the peninsula attracted to its geographical position, mild climate, an unusually beautiful nature, ancient history. Age cities such as Evpatoria, Feodosia and Kerch has been whiter than twenty-five centuries, zanamenit the world city of glory - Sevastopol. Here are intimately intertwined all periods of history.
Glory of the Crimean resort forged famous politicians and generals, artists and poets - Alexander III and Nicholas II, Alexander Pushkin and Alexander Griboyedov, Nikolai Gogol, Anton Chekhov, Ivan Aivazovsky, Maximilian Voloshin many others.
On our site dedicated to the Crimea, you can get acquainted with the peninsula, learn about its nature, history and attractions.

List of most popular sites on the Crimean cities and areas:

  • Sevastopol and regions
  • Bakhchisaray district
  • and Simferopol Simferopol district
  • Evpatoria and Saki area
  • Black Sea, Razdolnensky, Krasnoperekopsky areas
  • Big Yalta
  • Big Alushta
  • Sudak district
  • Belogorskij area and Stary Krym
  • Theodosius and Koktebel
  • Kerch Peninsula

    Crimean Peninsula is famous for its rich historical past. Ancient land Tavriki become home to different peoples: the warlike Cimmerians and Scythians, a smart town-planners Greeks, enterprising Genoese, nomadic Tatars. Their culture and beliefs intertwined, mutually enriching each other. Preserved many historical and cultural monuments, as well as places that have become shrines for the representatives of different religions: Muslims, Jews and Christians. Orthodox shrines Crimea is dedicated to one of the sections of the site. Chapters on other religimya Crimea (Islam, Judaism) are under development.

    distinctive monuments of medieval culture are numerous mountain towns South-West Crimea - Mangup, Chufut Kale, Eski-Kerman, Tepe-Kerman and other . In these places there are houses and monasteries , which affect his unique paintings. Style and painting of medieval castles are embodied in numerous palace and park ensembles. It palaces Vorontsov in Simferopol and Alupka Golitsyna in Gaspra, Swallow's Nest, the palace Gagarin in Utes, palaces and parks in Livadia and Yalta.
    Palace and parks of Crimea , we have devoted a section of the site.

    Crimea - one of the amazing and beautiful corners of our land. "Order on the world map" called it Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. "Natural museum, keeping the secret thousands of years - Griboyedov. Washed by Black and Azov seas, it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists an exceptional variety of wonderful beauty and identity of places that will not only delight the eye, the imagination, but also have healing powers. Here fertile steppes and lifeless salt flats, amazing beauty of the Crimean mountains and the green foothills of the valley. The most popular is a strip of land with the healing of the Crimean subtropical climate, known as the Southern coast of Crimea.

    Crimean land keeps a lot of great historical and cultural monuments. Since time immemorial, people have settled here, lived many tribes and nations, born and died in the state, arose and razed towns and villages. For centuries, the mutual influence of the ancient (Greek and Byzantine), Muslim and Jewish, ancient Slavic, Armenian and other cultures and traditions of the peoples inhabiting this wonderful region, the Crimea has turned into a unique historical and cultural reserve, equal to which, perhaps, anywhere in the world. One only monuments of history, archeology and culture There are more than 4 thousand, many of which have global importance.

    The most popular tourist sites are the monuments of various ethnic groups, at different times inhabited the Crimean land. For example, in Sevastopol preserved remains of ancient Greek city Chersonese . Ruins of residential buildings, temples, defensive walls moschnyh show the dramatic history of the city, which for centuries led the exhausting struggle against the hostile neighboring nations. Kerch preserved underground tomb of Demeter, on top of Mount Mithradates, the ancient acropolis. Fragments of artificial terraces supported by retaining walls, the remains of dwellings, fragments of ancient fortresses Myrmekion, Tirithaca, Nymphe and other evidence about the power of the ancient Bosporus state. Excavations of burial mounds of majestic, towering over vyzhennoy Earth's sun, a measurement of the bright examples of the Crimean ancient culture, in which Greek culture intertwined with the art of the Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, brand and other ethnic groups.

    ancient monuments subsequently imitated architects of the XIX and XX centuries. Especially a lot of stylized monuments at the time it was created in Sevastopol - this Count pier , and Peter and Paul Cathedral , and a monument to the Scuttled Ships, and many others. The ancient architectural works also served as a model for Vladimir's Cathedral in Chersonese , Resurrection Church in Foros. On the southern coast were built villas, villas, palaces, mansions with deaf massive walls, against which even today stand elegant portico or caryatids. Within the same (for example, in the Livadia Palace) arranged cozy courtyards surrounded by shady trees.

    distinctive monuments of medieval culture are numerous mountain towns South-West Crimea - Mangup, Chufut Kale, Eski-Kerman, Tepe-Kerman and other . In these places there are houses and monasteries , which affect his unique paintings. In troubled times here refuge from the barbarian invasions of the locals. In addition to the fortification walls, towers, monasteries and fortresses here you can see the many carved in stone arrays manufacturing facilities, economic and military purposes. In these places there are houses and monasteries, which affect his unique paintings. The mysterious stories and legends always attract not only to archaeologists, but many travelers. Style and painting of medieval castles are embodied in numerous palace and park ensembles. It palaces Vorontsov in Simferopol and Alupka Golitsyna in Gaspra, Swallow's Nest, the palace Gagarin in Utes, palaces and parks in Livadia and Yalta.

    stand out against the rocky mountains conical silhouette of the Armenian church in Yalta - outline of another culture. These buildings are in Evpatoria, Crimea in the Old and in other places of the Crimea. The monastic complex Surb-Khach (Holy Cross) near the Old Crimea is a beautiful monument of Armenian architecture, distinguished by the highest quality masonry work, the fine consistency of objects and spatial clarity of their location. The monastery was founded in the first half of the XIV century, the architectural ensemble was created by successive architects until the end of the XVI century. Facilities and fountains of the monastery are decorated with carved stone slabs with an endless variety of patterns.

    in multi-ethnic Crimean medieval palette of colorful woven patterns of the Crimean Tatar culture. This Bakhchisaray with its mosques and minarets, baths and madrasahs, it Bilogirsk with his caravanserais and Durbe.

    Bakhchisaraysky Khan's palace - a historical and architectural monuments, created in XVI-XVIII centuries. The complex includes several buildings of the palace buildings, harem, gardens, Falcon Tower, Dubreuil Dilara-Bikech, a fountain of tears, a mosque and cemetery dynasty Gireiev. By the construction of the palace brought craftsmen from Iran, Turkey, Russia, Italy. Medieval eastern exotica and antiquities Bakhchisaray inspired the work of many poets and artists. Pushkin and Mickiewicz, Bunin, Akhmatova and dedicating their works Bakhchisaraj, the Khan Palace and the picturesque surroundings of the city.

    Against the backdrop of heavy stone walls stand out a thin thread patterned lattice galleries and balconies. This Bakhchissaray Palace with its magnificent fountain of tears, are the monuments of medieval culture of Crimean Tatars in Old Crimea (Solhat), Belogorsk (Karasubazar), Feodosia (Cafe), Evpatoria (Chersonese), Simferopol (Ak-Mosque) and other villages. Bright and original monuments of Muslim architecture, combined with elements of Renaissance architecture attract tourists with its exotic and unexpected decision in villas Simeiza and Melas, the palace of the Emir of Bukhara in Yalta and give "Kichkine" in the palace and park ensemble Dulber in Miskhor.

    We can not say about the history of the Karaites, the descendants of the Khazars, who, because of migration moved to Lithuania, Poland and western regions of Ukraine, left in the Crimea pamyatnikisvoey culture. Religious buildings Karaites for Judaic rites - kenasa built in Chufut Calais and Evpatoria, largely inherited the tradition of nearer Asia. They now attract its refinement, geometric precision and interior design.

    In Crimea, with its rich historical past, rich cultural and ethnic heritage, a bright page in the history of artistic cultures and styles has become the era of Classicism and Empire, manifested in the planning of Simferopol, Sevastopol , Kerch and other cities. This is evidenced by the bright and festive architecture of the central areas of cities, elegant shape tenements with shops and cafes, hotels and restaurants on the embankments of Yalta, Feodosia, Evpatoria.

    March of centuries and decades are unbroken chain of ages, visibly embodied in the works of ancient and medieval past and present. Crimea, with its cultural heritage, environment and tourism and recreational potential has become a piece of cultural history and unique natural national park.

    are popular, many museums and art galleries of the peninsula. Today the museum facilities exist in every town. They have more interesting collections.

    oldest museum in the Crimea is Feodosiyskiy museum, founded back in 1811. Its exposition tells about the more than two millennia history of the city. Feodosia art gallery - the first art museum in the Crimea. It was founded in 1880 by IK Aivazovsky, built a special building, and willing his native city. The gallery contains over two thousand paintings, watercolors, drawings.

    Museums AS Green in Feodosia and Old Crimea, where he lived the writer of the romantic past and some of the most productive years of his life, can dive into the world of the heroes of his works. In

    Koktebel is a house-museum of the poet, painter, literary critic Maximilian Voloshin.

    replete with white spots in the history of the Crimean Middle bright trail left Theodoro principality, which fell victim to the invaders more than five hundred years ago. Already discovered many secrets of this fortress, supplemented the museum. The very location of Theodoro confronts archaeologists and more new research problems.

    should not forget that the Crimea - the cradle of Christianity. Here, in Chersonese , Prince Vladimir accepted Christianity. In this sense, the Crimea that is comparable only to Jerusalem.

    Crimean estuaries - another unique tourist resources. Even in the V century BC, the "father of history" Herodotus mentioned the healing properties of lakes with mud using the "Egyptian" method of treatment. She has covered the patient, and after drying the mud in the sun washed with salt water.

    Crimea is rich in various mineral and thermal (heat and hot) with a valuable source of bromine compound. Admiration canyons and waterfalls, picturesque banks of numerous rivers and lakes of Crimea. And such amazing beauty of karst caves in the Crimea, perhaps, anywhere in the world has seen. Ice springs and waterfalls, the most beautiful underground rivers - all these wonderful underground world of Crimea

    In Crimea held rock festivals, festivals bard festival of electronic music Kazantip , jazz festivals, film festivals and festivals of humor, festivals and competitions balloonists. At Donuzlave can visit the underwater museum of sculptures.

    Recreation and resort and tourist-excursion potential of the Crimea is huge. At any time of year, spring and summer, winter and autumn, Crimeans will please you svim Hospitality. Everyone who wants to spend their holidays or vacations, business meetings or academic seminars and conferences, combining active and healthy holiday , healthful air from the Crimean home comfort, multifaceted excursion program - all waiting for a miraculous place, which is called Crimea.

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