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Memorial Malakhov Kurgan

There are places in the world where history is closely entwining century and events. One of such places - Malakhov Kurgan in Sevastopol, the fame of which has moved far beyond the former Soviet Union.

Memorial Malakhov Hill - located in the southeastern part of the Ship's side. Significantly rising above sea level, it dominates the surrounding area. Twice this height the scene of fierce battles.

At Malakhov Hill for more than 20 monuments and memorial signs.

In 1963, an exhibition telling about the events that took place on the Malakhov Hill during the Crimean War (1853-1856 yy) and the Great Patriotic War.

the first time her name appeared on the master plan of the city in 1851. Documents stored in the Central State Archive of Russia's Navy, suggest that the mound was called by the name of Captain Mikhail Mikhailovich Malakhov. In 1827, he came from Kherson to Sevastopol, was commanding a company of the 18 th of the working crew settled on the Ship's side. Among the lower ranks of the poor and the captain Malakhov enjoyed the reputation for honesty and fairness. In his house, who was near the mound, went to the requests, controversial issues. And soon the name of the captain was called mound. Two sons Mikhail Malakhov - Athanasius and Ilia - also become sailors participated in the defense of Sevastopol.

During the defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855. Malakhov Hill was the key position of the left flank of the defensive line. At the beginning of the main avenues mound, on a small platform, is a common grave. In it lie Russia and the French soldiers who died in the last battle of Malakhov Hill August 27, 1855, the 349-day defense. At the tomb of the French was a large cross of white marble with the inscription: "September 3, 1855. They are inspired and united the victory of death - That is the glory of the brave, That is the lot of soldiers. " During the last war, the monument was destroyed, rebuilt in 1960 by architect AL Schaeffer.

During the Crimean War on the mound was built by the main bastion of Ship's side, who was a distance IV defensive line, which up to 7 March 1855 in command of Rear Admiral V. Istomin (1809 - 1855). At the armed bastion in August 1855 were 9 batteries with 76 guns.

October 5, 1854 on the mound was mortally wounded by Vice-Admiral VA Kornilov. Since that time the bastion, on the orders of the emperor, named Kornilov.

6 June 1855 the defenders successfully repelled the assault of the enemy. June 28, 1855 at Kornilov bastion was fatally wounded Admiral PS Nakhimov. By the 50 th anniversary of defense at this point was a memorial slab, which has not survived. In 1957 he opened a new memorial sign (architect AL Sheffer).

At bastion were countermine work under the guidance of Captain X. N. Von Klug.

August 24, 1855 the enemy subjected Sevastopol sixth, the most powerful bombardment. The main blow was struck Kornilov bastion, on which day and night did not stop the fire from 110 guns.

27 August 9600 the French rushed to storm the mound. Advance part to defend all 880 soldiers and Pragskogo Modlinska regiments. Barrow was captured by the enemy. Defenders seven times went to the counter, trying to recapture, but the forces were not equal.

killed in the last battle - and the Russian and French - was buried in a mass grave, which is a monument with an inscription in Russian and French.

To the 50 anniversary of the Defense of Sevastopol memorial marking installed batteries at the main entrance gate built-propylene in the form of the Doric portico (architect OI Enberg).

defense of Sevastopol during the period 1941 - 1942 period the famous mound again took his place in the ranks. Autumn at its peak installed two 130-millimeter gun from a damaged destroyer "perfect". He commanded a battery Lieutenant Captain AP Matyukhin.

At the end of June 1942 went to the front of the mound. Two days "matyuhintsy" kept the defense. During the fighting, the tower was again destroyed.

In memory of their heroic deeds in 1958 erected a monument to the complex: the command post, two warehouses with ammunition, installed 130-millimeter guns.

At Malakhov Hill is a monument to the pilots 8-th Air Army, which took part in the liberation of Sevastopol in May 1944. He built a 3 - July 12, 1944 (by the project engineer captain BP Korolev).

February 23, 1958 at the defensive tower lit the torch of the eternal flame. In 1963, the tower is open exposition telling about the events that took place at the Malakhov Hill during the Crimean and Great Patriotic War.

in 1994 was reconstructed.

main alley of the park, broken on the mound, called the Alley of Friendship. Trees planted on her eminent statesmen and politicians of many countries, the delegations of city-heroes, the astronauts.

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