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  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015

All Saints Church

In the central market for multi-storey buildings OSOU is first civilian cemetery, or old, so it is called in the people.

The entrance to the cemetery stands a small church in the name of All Saints. From Eur other temples of Simferopol, it is simple architectural forms. The temple was built in classical style: rectangular building extending from east to west, with a semicircular apse, and towering in the center of the dome, the only decoration of the church bell tower, located in the western part of the building. Its openings are decorated arches, angles - capitals. Above the entrance to the church - a triangular pediment. According to the archaeologist OI Dombrowski, in the painting Vsekhsvyatskoj church participated academician N. Samokish (1860-1944).

Church was built with funds of the merchant VB Maslennikov and consecrated 14 June 1864 in the name of the Assumption of Holy Righteous Anna. The iconostasis was taken from the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, which was attributed to the church. In the church cemetery and funeral commemorate the dead. Over time, changed its name, it became known as the Church of All Saints.

This cemetery rest many prominent people: Bishop Michael Tauride (Gribanovsky), the famous Crimean artist NS Samokish. Near the church grave Tauride Archbishop Gury (Karpov), who ruled the diocese from 1867 to 1882.

Grace Gury done a lot for the diocese; raise funds for the construction of the Theological Seminary, the Consistory, the male religious school, petitioned the Synod for the extradition of funds for the reconstruction of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, donated funds for the development of the monasteries, founded in Simferopol Tauride House of Bishops. He led a large missionary work and struggled with the various sects. In his "insistence at the seminary was opened by the Department for the Study of the split, which contained a lecturer at the bishop's personal savings. Archbishop was worried not only about the education of priests, his troubled professional level of a psalm-reader, for them at the cathedral opened prichetnicheskuyu school. In his writings, Archbishop Gury was awarded the Order of St. Anne's 1,2 and 3 degrees. St. Vladimir 2, 3, 4 degrees, diamond panagiej.

Archbishop Gury famous eniiklopedicheskoy learning, its rich library of 2,556 copies, he bequeathed the seminary. When it started publishing the magazine ^ Tauride diocesan statement. "Prelate Guri died in 1882, was buried in the crypt of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Just before the destruction of the cathedral in 1929, the remains of Archbishop Gury and four other priests have moved to the city cemetery. Witnesses of this event testified that after 47 years after the burial of the saint's body remained incorrupt, was maintained even dress. parishioners in a memorial scrapbook and wrote: "netlennopochivayuschego Archbishop Archbishop Gury".

In 1985, in connection with the laying of the road to Sebastopol cemetery was closed, and the ashes reburied at the priests again Vsekhsvyatskoj church. When they dug the grave, suddenly came upon the empty tomb, as if specially designed for their burial. Here were buried the Archbishop Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky), his holy relics now rest at Holy Trinity Nunnery. All Saints Church - the only temple in the city that never closed. Divine services under its vault, and spent years in the persecution of the church and in the difficult years of war. Perhaps that is why it is in this humble church occurred the miraculous phenomenon. In November 1998, in the aisle St. George the Victorious was removed for the restoration of an icon of Christ the Savior. When the restoration workshop icon released from the glass, saw an unusual image of the Savior, printed on it as negative. The abbot of the temple Archpriest Viacheslav Tseshkovsky immediately reported the incident, Archbishop Simferopol and Crimean Lazarus. On his orders was a commission, composed of authoritative clerics, scholars and artists. Examined by an icon, they have come to believe that the image on the glass - not made by the imprint of painting an icon, it represents a patina, consisting of two organic acids and wax. It is difficult to say how it appeared. One of the assumptions of scientists such; acid molecules can diffuse from podkrasochnoy wax primers, stand out from the fumes of burning wax candles or synthesized from atoms of air. They do not exclude the possibility that a photocopy could arise under the influence of an unknown energy coming from the icon.

Interesting fact that, while research was carried out, the image was changed. Duration, particularly soft, harden it so that it was difficult to take a scraping. The image became clearer, new details. Now we could say that the imprint on the glass does not fully correspond to the original. In contrast to the icons on glass halo of Christ has the general shape without decorations, more clearly imprinted right hand. Unique image carefully kept in the temple, render it to the faithful after the Divine Liturgy.

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