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    October 06, 2015

Alupka, Simeiz.

General information about Alupka and Simeis

Both settlements - city Alupka and pgt Simeiz - located next to the Southern Coast highway. The first of these, 13 resorts, in the second - 10.

Simeiz - the warmest place in Crimea, as well as the village from all sides except the sea, surrounded by mountains. To the north rises the peak of Al-Bash, on the west mountain cat, ribbed crest is curved like a cat to jump back. Near the sea cliffs tower wing of the Swan, Pan and Diva. At the edge of the surf are the remains of the rock Monk, destroyed by the earthquake of 1927. Diva in the sea east of Cape Ai-supported Pan-yes, but between the Cape and Diva runs one of the best beaches in the entire southern coast.

History Alupka and Simeiza

In place of modern Alupka and Simeiza over two thousand years ago, there were settlements Tauri. The most visible traces of the past - the remains of the medieval fortress Alupka-Isar, fortifications on the hill and the summit of Mount Pan Cat.

New Times is represented in other monuments of material culture. Extensive park, laid down in the first half of last century in Alupka and obschekurortny park Simeis long been popular with locals and visitors. In Alupka Park is a complex became renowned Palace Museum - a unique piece of architecture of the first half of the XIX century. With Aluikoy and its yard-related Tzom glorious names of national culture - M. Schepkin (in the palace took his last speech). IKAivazovsky, Chekhov, Rachmaninov ...

In 1898 Alupka on short rest came Anna Ilinichna Ulyanov-Elizarova with her husband, and in 1908 there were treated by Maria Ulyanov, along with daughter Anna Elias-Border. Here, in Alupka, wrote letters to his mother and sister, Vladimir Ilyich, who was at that time in exile in France. In the country, preserved to this day, a memorial plaque.

picturesque coast Simeiza with its original terrain - rocks Pan, Wing Swan, Diva and others installed on the hill is crowned cat tower local branch of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Attractions Alupka and Simeiza

  • Alupka Park
  • Strengthening Lyman-Isar VIII-I centuries BC
  • Taurus burial 1 thousand BC. BC.
  • Department of Radio Astronomy of Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (Europe's largest radio telescope with a diameter of 22 meters)
  • unique grove of wild pistachio.


Summer is hot, but thanks to sea heat is easy - almost constant breeze cools the shore. Average temperature in July - August +24,5 ° C, in February +3,4 ° C. Swimming season begins in early June and lasts until the end of October.

Natural curative factors Alupka and Simeiza

Resorts Alupka and Simeiz particularly favorable for the treatment of lung diseases, leading to their therapeutic profile.

Indications for directions to the resort

Specific and nonspecific diseases of Dahaniya.

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