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  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015



General information about Koktebel

convey a sense of Koktebel, according to Voloshin, can only master.
settlement is from Feodosia, approximately 10 km, if we measure the distance but straight. He crouched on the banks of the majestic bay, covered with gentle hands of the mountains. Ridge Uzun-Sirt in the north and west Karadag cover Koktebel valley from the inclement weather outside world. Unique combination of the surrounding steppe, mountains and sea create a special, unique micro-climate.

Karadag can not be called attraction Koktebel or the Crimea. Karadag sight of planet Earth. On the geology of this unique volcanic massif, we spoke briefly in the first part, now merely add that in 1979 declared the Karadag reserve. In a unique community of forest, steppe and Mediterranean vegetation, including woodlands and thickets Karadag more than 1000 species of plants, more than 60 of which are zndemikami. A relatively small area inhabited by 30 species of mammals, 80 birds, 15 - reptiles, many rare insects. At the foot of Karadag in the spa town in the middle of the cozy park is famous Karadagsky Biostation. It was established in 1907, is now located here at a branch of the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and has two dolphinarium.

History Koktebel

At Uzun-Sirt near Koktebel archaeologists have found traces of settlements from the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age, and this means that people living in Koktebel valley since time immemorial. In the VIII century. on the outskirts of modern Koktebel Byzantines built a fortress Tepsen in Koktebel Bay was furnished port. In the X century. presumably it was destroyed by the Khazars, Rousseau Polovtsy and is no longer restored. Koktebel became the suburb of Kafa and lost in the shadow of its glory. Worthy of its worldwide recognition Koktebel received only in the XX century.

image Koktebel is inseparable from the name of Maximilian Voloshin. A brilliant poet, translator, an outstanding artist, philosopher and traveler, lived at the foot of Karadag at the end of the last century.

the door Voloshin's always been hospitably open, and in Koktebel visited the best representatives of Russia. Know the Yalta followed in the king, in Koktebel the guests Bryusov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Vincent Veresaev, Maxim Gorky, Pyotr Konchalovsky, Osip Mandelstam, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Alexei Tolstoy, Robert Falk, Marina and Anastasia, and many others.

In 1931, Maximilian Voloshin, bequeathed his house Writers' Union, and in his novel Bulgakov's Master and Margarita "Stay in Planerskoe given along with other benefits which are received lucky owners massolitovskogo license. Bulgakov had in mind the House of Writers "Koktebel. After the death of the poet's traditional home for many years, carefully maintained by his widow, M. S. Voloshin. In 1975 he was officially opened on Memorial museum of Voloshin MA. One of its founders and first director was the famous art critic VP Kupchenko. Today the house-museum of Voloshin MA one of the largest and most visited literary-memorial museum of Ukraine. In the House of Writers, in today's Koktebel located hostel Primorye, the guesthouse! "Blue Bay", recreation, children's health camps.

Yet glory Koktebel created not only poets and artists of the silver age, along with her romance worked the Iron Age - the pilots.

In the south and the north wind over the ridge Uzun-Sirt special form of rising air to allow gliders to soar in the sky for hours. This feature was discovered at the beginning of XX century. aviator K. Artseulovym - grandson of the great artist Ivan Aivazovsky. The initiative of K. Artseulova in 1923 it hosted the first gathering of the gliding of the USSR, which until 1935 was conducted eleven times, was opened by Major ŧÕģÝ-Glider School 8. In Koktebel flew future coryphaei aerospace OK Antonov, SV Ilyushin, Sergei Korolev, AN Tupolev, Yakovlev.

Attractions Koktebel

  • Karadag
  • Center gliding (EVP) Koktebel
  • Koktebel Jazz Festival


temperate continental climate. Warm summer with average temperature in July +24 ° C, mild winters with monthly average air temperature in January of +1 ° C.

Natural curative factors Koktebel

Seaside steppe climate, sulphate-sodium water (mineralization of 4 g / l), sulfide sodium chloride water (mineralization 7.6 g / l), sulfide silt mud lake Adzhigol. In the treatment isplzuyutsya sea bathing, arenation.

Indications for directions to the resort

Diseases of the respiratory, digestive.

Big Yalta

Livadia, Oreanda
Gaspra, Mishor, Koreiz
Alupka, Simeiz
Parks, Foros

Big Alushta


West Crimea


East Crimea


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