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Cave monastery Kachi-Kalion

On the right bank of the river near the village of Kacha Preduschelnoe is a cave monastery Kachi-Kalion.

It was founded in the VIII-X centuries in a large cave with a source of water which is considered medicinal. Perhaps it was this monastery said in a document from the Russian Tsar, which deals with cash vouchers Crimean four temples, including the "martyr of Christ Nastasia».

cliff, which is carved the monastery, its outline resembles a ship in the upper part of the nose intersecting cracks formed a cross. Hence the name: Kachi-Kalion - "Cross ship. The monastery was quite large, there are remains of churches, monastic cells and utility rooms. They were carved into several layers and connected by staircases, passages and terraces. Around the monastery in the Middle Ages, formed a large village, whose inhabitants were engaged in winemaking: here in a variety of preserved vinodavilni - tarapany. Until now see the outlines of estates, although life in the village came to a standstill with the release of Christians from the Crimea.

in the south-eastern part of the settlement in a separate carved stone church of St. Sophia, in the horseshoe-shaped apse carved single-Cintron. In the wall are two niches: one for the altar, one for the altarpiece. The iconostasis was made of wood - in the wall survived undercut for its installation. Along the perimeter of BATNA is the bench for the congregation, which cut down the south side of the grave, and in the floor beneath it - a tomb. In the walls are visible niche in that once installed the icons, here is the remains of two Greek inscriptions. The peculiarity of the temple is that it arranged two ways: earlier led to the SPLA, and later hacked entrance, which led to the streets in the apse. In the fragments of rock for the temple was once the tomb.

Church was founded no earlier than XI-XIII century. After the withdrawal of Christians from the Crimea deserted monastery and the temple was abandoned. In 1888 he was again consecrated in the name of the holy martyrs Sophia, Faith, Hope and Love with the blessing of Bishop Tavricheskogo Martinian. Archimandrite Isidore it resumed service. Inside the whitewashed church of St. Sophia, the outside decorated with a gilded cross. Despite the small size of the temple, monks lovingly called him "the Sophia Cathedral».

In the western part of the settlement Kachi-Kalion in the third grotto located church burial complex, consisting of three hours. In the first temple hewn in the rock just north wall and the apse, the south wall is built of stone. Altar elevation destroyed, the wall remained a niche for the altarpiece. In the northern part of the church in the floor arranged tomb in the narthex - two more graves. On the walls, the remnants of Greek inscriptions. Far from this temple are two more. One of them in a rock cut down only a portion of the north wall, all the rest is made up of stone. From the south it is adjacent to the gallery, which connects the temple with a small church. It also cut down the northern wall of the rock, while the southern was wooden. At the clock on the wall with red paint derived crosses.

But the most famous in Kachi-Kalion remains the source of the holy martyr Anastasia, which is considered curative. It can be seen in the fourth cave, which is called the temple, created by nature itself. And this is true: high stone arches reminiscent of a set of magnificent Gothic cathedral. And here feel the same as in the cathedral: the awe and delight of this beauty. In the rock above the source of carved niches for icons and embossed four-cross. A little lower because of the rift is growing old Cherry tree whose branches are decorated with colorful Soap - they are left in a holy place for the acquisition of health. It is believed that the saint, after whom is named Source, Anastasia of Sirmium. But some archaeologists have suggested it could be a local saint, the more so in Chersonesos found the burial stone with the name of Anastasia. This source Archbishop Innocent visited during the pilgrimage to the holy places of the Crimea.

From grotto steep path leading to the Church of St. Anastasia, located below the road. This church is also only half the cave: the altar is carved in the rock, and the main part is built of stone, a wooden dome. The church was a chapel, consecrated bishop of Kherson and Tauric Innocent in the name of the icon "Passion».

In the XIX century, these lands were owned by the landowner G. Hvitskomu. He restored the church, which became the house, it was consecrated in the name of St. Anastasia of Sirmium.

Martyr Anastasia was born in Rome and early adopted the Christian faith. Dressed as a beggar, accompanied by a maid she visited the prison: fed, healed, and often bathed prisoners who suffered for the faith of Christ. In Illyria Anastasia was captured and handed over to the priest Ulpian. Expanding the front of her with one hand, gold, precious clothing, and with another - the terrible instruments of torture, the priest asked her to make a choice. Rejecting wealth, Anastasia chosen instruments of torture. Then the priest decided to defile her purity, but the blind, only stretched out her hand. Coming to freedom, Anastasia, together with his assistant Theodotos again devote himself to the suffering Christians. Anastasia was martyred in 304. Church honors her memory on Jan. 4.

landowner G. Hvitsky died in 1851. In his testament house church in the tract on the river Anastasevka Kachi passed Dormition Skete. It was founded Holy Anastasevskaya Kin. It existed for a long time. In 1921 Assumption monastery was closed, but Anastasevskaya Kin, okzavshis away from the political turmoil, remained active until 1932. When did the process of collectivization, it was decided to close the Kin, the monks evicted out of the Crimea, and the farm land transfer Kommunar ».

Today Kachi-Kalion empty, all ground buildings were destroyed and overgrown with long grass, leaving only cave temples and the sacred spring.

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