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  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015



General information about Sudak

By Sudak leads Rose Valley. From the west, the town is protected by a wooded mountain Perch, in the east Jurassic Ai-Giorgi and ridges of Karadag. Not surprisingly, the best in Sudak in the Crimea microclimate, most approaching the Mediterranean. In Sudak smallest number of overcast days, only 84 per year, the sun shines 2550 hours per year, with 300 more than in Yalta. But the summer heat is transferred very easily through the daily motions of air: before noon, a light sea breeze brings freshness of cold during the night sea, and at sunset it is replaced by warm, dry crisp breeze, scented mountain forests and the Valley of Roses.

Soudakskoe sea in the Gulf of relatively warm early and long kept warm. Average sea water temperature in June + 18 19 ° C in July - August +22-25 ° C, and in October +17,5 ° C. Swimming season is the longest in the Crimea, it is 138 days. At two kilometers stretched only in the peninsula beaches of gray quartz sand. The bottom of the sea is reduced gradually, and sea water amazingly clear and fresh, which makes the best beaches of Sudak in the Crimea, and perhaps throughout the world.

The flora of the region is extremely interesting and multifaceted. Here, a surprising number of relic and endemic species, unusual plant soobschesgv. In Sudak and its surroundings grow 160 species of trees and shrubs of ornamental species, including 20 species of conifers. The oldest cultivated plants are undoubtedly Sudak Valley grapes, walnuts and almonds. A small area near Sudak areas are semi-desert. This is the driest place in the Crimea. Surprisingly the combination of close proximity of these sites with lush vineyards and orchards.

In most dry and barren slopes can be found low shrubs with long trailing shoots and beautiful white-pink flowers. This is a typical Mediterranean plant called kaparisom.

History Sudak

archaeologists near the city showed signs of Stone Age culture, and in Kapselskoy Valley, Cape Meganom, from the mountains and Alchak Karaul both open sites and settlements of the Bronze Age, belonging to the II millennium BC. BC.

direct evidence of the existence of the ancient polis in the vicinity of Sudak not, but here found the coins from the Pan-tikapeya and a stone slab in the III. dedicated to Demeter, which is especially revered in the Bosporus are indirect evidence of their existence.

First, we know for a settlement on the territory of modern Sudak was founded in 212 tribes of the Alans, in Sudak and its surroundings are found gay more than 100 historical and cultural monuments, many of them are of world importance. The most famous attraction is the Genoese fortress in Sudak, which we have already mentioned in the previous section. The memory of the heroes and events of the Great Patriotic War was preserved in the names of streets Sudak: Tankistov, 14 Aprelya116, Marines, Sysoeva "7.

Today Sudak - a modern city, there are about 17.4 thousand people, rests annually about 80 thousand people. Since 1979, the Perch is a district center. The town was decorated with new streets, multi-storey houses, modern hotels, modern shops and cultural institutions. Sharply increased amount of green area. With the advent of the big water of the North-Crimean canal and start the water pipeline from the reservoir Feodosia solved the problem of water supply. From grown on nearby plantations of roses, lavender and other efironosov equipped with new equipment Sudak aromatic plant produces perfume, much of which is exported. Unique environment Sudak long been used for medicinal purposes. Local climate, pine and juniper Roshi, plantations of roses and rich phytoncides herbage, iodine selection of surf and thermal waters of a mountain Perche beneficial effect on human health. In Sudaks-com region has 16 comfortable health centers, eight of which operate year round. There are tourist-recreational complex, children's health camps and rest homes. For tourists there - well-developed infrastructure of private hotels, family mini-vacation homes and hotels.

Perhaps someone had the feeling that the dignity of Sudak in the book are somewhat exaggerated. Well, the description taken a biased, subjective, and not the other way can not be, because of the subjective feelings of love for Sudak not recant. And for the skeptics cite the opinion of an observer, the author of The Crimean sketches Sergei Elpatievsky: "From the peace and tranquility, from the tender sea, from the velvety sand and green grape fields, from the vastness of space and got - composed the mood pleasantness and softness Sudak which attracts people to him, making true friends of the times were guests ...»

Attractions Sudak

  • Genoese fortress XI-XIV centuries
  • resort architecture of the XIX century
  • Landscapes
  • winery-works Sudak, producing fine wines


Climate Theodosia, warm and dry enough, successfully combines the influence of the sea, the plains and foothills. High summer temperatures is transferred relatively easily through the action of refreshing breezes. Winter is short, with little snow. Sea bathing season lasts from May to October. The average annual number of sunshine hours (2272 hours) Theodosius surpasses many other Southern resorts. The air is filled with aromas of Theodosius steppes and foothills, iodide salty sea breeze and ... breath of history.

Natural curative factors Sudak

Seaside steppe climate, sulphate-sodium water (mineralization of 4 g / l), sulfide sodium chloride water (mineralization 7.6 g / l), sulfide silt mud lake Adzhigol. In the treatment isplzuyutsya sea bathing, arenation.

Indications for directions to the resort

Diseases of the respiratory, digestive.

Big Yalta

Livadia, Oreanda
Gaspra, Mishor, Koreiz
Alupka, Simeiz
Parks, Foros

Big Alushta


West Crimea


East Crimea


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