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    October 06, 2015



General information about Yalta

uncrowned capital of the Southern coast of Crimea, Yalta regal situated between Simferopol and Sevastopol in the mountain amphitheater, covered her from three sides. The north-east rises Nikitskaya Yayla with Cape Marian, in the west - Mogabi ridge, which descends in terraces to the Cape Ai-Todor, the north Yalta Yayla. Spur of the mountain range separates Iograf Yalta in two valleys in which the mountain streams Wuchang-Su and Derek run down to the sea.

city is the administrative center of a resort area, called "Big Yalta", which stretches more than 70 km from Foros in the west to the mountains Ajudag in the east. The Grand Yalta are Alupka, Gurzuf, Livadia, Gaspra, Koreiz, Mishor, Simeiz, Foros, Massandra, Nikita, Blue Bay, landslides and some other villages. In Yalta, falls quite a lot of rain, but choose to draft this late autumn and winter. The average annual temperature fluctuates at around +13 ° C, in the hottest month, July, +24 ° C, in the coldest, February, +4 ° C. Snow falls rarely, and if falls, it is seven - ten days. In summer the city of refreshing winds: afternoon - breezes at night - warm winds from the mountains, the sea cools quickly.

itself Yalta - a relatively small city with a population of about 90 thousand people, but the rest of it more than two million people annually. In the Big Yalta 170 health centers, 111 of whom work year-round.

twin Yalta are Manchester (UK), Nice (France), Pozzuoli (Italy), Rijeka (Yugoslavia), Santa Barbara (USA). After Yalta are seven tourist destinations of state and international importance, which the city is visited by about 100 thousand citizens abroad.

History Yalta

in the vicinity of Yalta lived old brand. There is information about the settlement at the site of the Greeks in IV. BC. e., but the lack of well-protected harbor rule out here the emergence of large policyholders.

first written mention of Yalta (under the name Dzhalita) belongs to the XII century., it was made the Arab geographer Al-Eid-RISS. The town's name probably derives from the Greek word "Gialos" "Beach". In waterfall Wuchang-Su even now the ruins of a medieval fortress XII XV centuries. In the old Genoese sources of settlement on the site of the current Yalta was called Kaulitoy, Tealitoy, Etalitoy.

first written mention of Yalta (under the name Dzhalita) belongs to the XII century., it was made the Arab geographer Al-Eid-RISS. The town's name probably derives from the Greek word "Gialos" "Beach". In waterfall Wuchang-Su even now the ruins of a medieval fortress XII XV centuries. In the old Genoese sources of settlement on the site of the current Yalta was called Kaulitoy, Tealitoy, Etalitoy.

At the end of XV century. Turks occupied the castle, but after a strong earthquake Yalta people left the valley, and only 70 years later there were new settlers - the Crimean Greeks and Armenians. In 1783, at the time of the Crimea to Russia, Yalta was a tiny fishing village of 13 houses and a military redoubt, built by AV Suvorov in 1771 In 1833, construction commenced on the Yalta port, but because of fact that the storm broke moorings, its construction was carried out almost 70 years.

first stone building of Yalta was the belfry of the church of St. John Chrysostom on Polikurovskom hill. Since its dedication in September 1837 followed by the highest indication of the emperor for Yalta city status. Six months later, March 23, 1838, the Senate issued a decree: "... to establish a new county Tauride province ... called Yalta, renaming the place the city of Yalta. In 1843, when a plan of the city, which, except Quay, noted Elizabeth street with 30 houses, it lived 224 inhabitants.

radically changed the fate of Yalta after transferring here in the 60-ies. XIX century. royal summer residence. Yalta almost immediately becomes the most fashionable resort in Russia. In the center of the city are growing like mushrooms, fine hotels and private pensions, trendy shops, restaurants and cafes. Get a permit for temporary or permanent residence in Yalta could not everyone. Above the bureaucratic delays on the subject made fun famous humorist beginning of XX century., Tutor children of the royal family Arkady Averchenko.

in 1875 so on the Quay building has grown fashionable hotel "Russia", now called "Tavrida." It stopped so many celebrities that it sluzhit'segodnya more museum than a hotel. The first town doctor of Yalta was the Ukrainian poet Stepan Rudanskyi, author of the song "Povsh, VlR on Vkrashu ...». On its initiative was built and still acting city market. This wonderful man gave the city donated part of his plot iodine well, treating the poor free of charge, collected folklore, participated in archaeological excavations, sketched monuments.

Another doctor and writer, who lived in Yalta, brought the city fame, maybe not as noisy as the glory of the king of the resort, but the glory of the eternal, good, humane. On the edge of the second kind, which bore the name Autko, in 1899 built a house and conducting the last years of his life with his mother and sister of Anton Chekhov. Here they are written nine stories: "Case History", "Darling," New Country House "," On Official Business, "The Lady with the Dog", "at Christmas", "In the Ravine" "The Bishop", "Bride" and two plays - "Three Sisters" and "The Cherry Orchard. Visiting Chekhov visited I. Levitan, I. Bunin, Stanislavsky, V. Nemirovich-Danchenko, the artists of the Moscow Art Theater.

At the end of 1899 Chekhov in Yalta, started organizing the first public health center for tuberculosis patients, insightful writing an appeal for donations in favor of the poor. In the collected money by subscription and on-five thousand rubles, which introduced the writer himself, on the outskirts Autko was bought a country house, which opened on board "Yauzlar" at 20, then 50 seats. Today is a big TB sanatorium, where both are treated over 300 patients.

pointless to list of famous guests of Yalta, the more that she was glad of every guest. As a public resort of Yalta began to develop immediately after the Civil War, when they started to re-equip health centers of the former palaces and villas. The first building for the specialized sanatorium "Dolosy" was built in 1928, before the war in Yalta and around, there were 42 sanatoria and rest homes.

Yalta war caused severe damage. Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Yalta conference was "struck by the senseless and merciless destruction produced by the Germans in the Crimea." After the war was the rapid transformation of Yalta in the world-class resort. The new line runs from Simferopol to Sevastopol, and was opened Trolleybus message Simferopol - Yalta. Sea port began to take the passenger liners and cargo ships approach the now Massandrovskiy beams. Along the coast of the Big Yalta is a convenient therapeutic beaches. The world-famous hotel "Yalta" and "Oreanda, which is competing with small but distinct European comfort of new hotels.

Two dozen industrial enterprises Yalta work primarily on the needs of the resort and did not violate its ecology. Yalta Film Studio, one of the first in Russia. Here is an actor and director VR Gardin created first masterpieces.

Sightseeing Yalta

  • Great White Livadia Palace
  • Palace "Swallow's Nest" - the castle of Baron V. Shneygelya
  • Alupka "Palace - the landlord of the Earl MS Vorontsov
  • Massandra palace of Emperor Alexander III and wine cellars
  • Yalta Zoo (with an aquarium) and the clearing tales
  • Dolphinarium
  • Falls Wuchang-Su
  • Nikita Botanical Gardens
  • Quay Yalta


mild Mediterranean climate, hot summers with average monthly temperature in July +23,7 º C, is short mild winters. Preoblodanie clear sunny days (2225 hours per year). Relative humidity is lower than in the resorts of the Caucasus. Prolonged bathing season (May to October).

Natural curative factors Yalta

favorable climatic conditions foothill resort of Mediterranean type. The resort operated baths, sanatoriums for adults, children, adolescents, resort polyclinic. Crimean Works Research Institute of Physical Methods of Treatment and Medical klimatolgii them. IM Sechenov.

Indications for directions to the resort

Specific and nonspecific diseases of Dahaniya.

Our proposal in this region:
Sanatorium them. Kirov .
Sanatorium eagle's nest .
Pension Parkovy .
Pension Russia .

Big Yalta

Livadia, Oreanda
Gaspra, Mishor, Koreiz
Alupka, Simeiz
Parks, Foros

Big Alushta


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