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  • The capital of Finland Helsinki & mdash; the perfect place for a holiday. The tourist infrastructure is very well developed, so that everyone who came here, easily find for himself something for everyone.

    December 01, 2015
  • The wedding is probably the most important celebration in the life of man. A wonderful place for a lot of weddings & ndash; Italy, Thailand, Maldives, France. The number of such places include the island of Tenerife (Spain). More

    October 21, 2015
  • It is well known that investment in the purchase of holiday homes will not only preserve their capital, but also to increase it. Especially if the housing is located in the popular resort & ndash; in Crimea. More

    October 20, 2015
  • Trends sovremennoho society javljaetsja Mass sale of apartments, raspolozhennыh in the city center, and for the ego REAL ESTATE Purchase Limit successfully from street noise.

    October 12, 2015
  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015

Monastery Chelter

For Crimea is characterized by the formation of small monasteries, inhabited by a small number of monks.

Several of these monasteries were subordinate to one kinoviarhu, are usually in the rank of Archimandrite, he was involved in management of life in the Kin and the monastery is the highest authority. Any monastery began with construction of the temple, as a rule, they were odnoapsidnymi. Temples constructed of stone on lime mortar or cut down in the rock altar barrier separates the altar from the SPLA. In the larger monasteries arranged refectory. At first the monks lived in common, a rather large cells, later to arrange a small individual cells, where there was nothing superfluous. When you visit the cave monasteries in the cells can be identified by depressions in the floor, where there was a bed is and there was a table can be seen carved in the wall niches, they are usually two: one was an icon in another cup of water. Other caves were used as extensions of various economic, shops, wineries.

from the village of Red Poppy can go to the village Ternivka (formerly Shulyu). In the rocky cliffs of the mountain Chelter-Kai ( "grid rock") is even visible from the road four tiers of artificial caves. This monastery Chelter incurred at the end of the beginning of VIII-IX century. Here, archeologists counted more than fifty caves: the cells, refectory, economic and utility rooms. In ancient times, they are all connected by wooden stairs, balconies, galleries, looked like openwork lattice. The most interesting church, situated in the second tier. It occupies the eastern part of the large natural grotto. Southern edge of the mainsail is supported by six pillars, one of which is now destroyed. In the temple are the southern and northern walls - in ancient times they were made of stone. Apse semicircular shape in the center of the floor - the basis for the throne with an indentation for the relics. The wall is a niche, altar, and the window. Along the north wall stretches bench, next to which the five graves in the floor. In the same cave, the other side, carved tarapan. Around the monastery still find feral vine thickets. At the edge of the cliff survived several grain pits nearby, is only a look, ditch that diverted rainwater from the stocks of grain, collecting it in a special reservoir.

The third tier consists of fifteen interconnected caves. Here too there is a temple, the sanctuary which has been destroyed and the ceiling carved cross. In the north-western part of the floor there are two graves. Perhaps it was a small chapel. In the south wall is the entrance to the gallery, above it carved cross.

In the temple of the fourth stage on the wall of the altar, to the left of the throne, carved cross and saved a few words of Greek inscriptions: "God's servant ... 6911 th (1403). On the right, in a square cavity, illegible inscription and a cross.

The cave churches of the fifth stage on the walls of a lot of graffiti and signs unreadable inscriptions. Obviously, this was particularly revered place. To the east wall adjacent the throne, left of the alcove. Near the church in the side of the karst caves carved altar. This could be a small chapel. The monastery existed for a long time - from the XII to XV century.

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