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  • The capital of Finland Helsinki & mdash; the perfect place for a holiday. The tourist infrastructure is very well developed, so that everyone who came here, easily find for himself something for everyone.

    December 01, 2015
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    October 21, 2015
  • It is well known that investment in the purchase of holiday homes will not only preserve their capital, but also to increase it. Especially if the housing is located in the popular resort & ndash; in Crimea. More

    October 20, 2015
  • Trends sovremennoho society javljaetsja Mass sale of apartments, raspolozhennыh in the city center, and for the ego REAL ESTATE Purchase Limit successfully from street noise.

    October 12, 2015
  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015

Source of St. Panteleimon in Old Crimea

Old Crimea is in a vast valley on the border of the mountains and steppes to the north, south and west it is surrounded by mountains here rise Agarmysh and Taz-Agarmysh stretches Ridge Karasan-Oba. But the mountains gradually fall to the east, here begins the realm of plains extending to the sea.

The eventful history of the Old Crimea say his many names: Solhat, Crimea, Eski-Crimea, Levkopol. Archaeologists suggest that in the III century, there existed the ancient settlement, has a link with Bosporan state government. The era of the early Middle Ages remains poorly understood, witnessed the remnants of a distant time become ceramics and the ruins of the Orthodox Church, which you can view on the street Postal.

Them survive in some places the walls and the altar of the semicircles. The temple was built around the XI-XIII century, scientist PI Koppen believed that the Greeks built it: "Of all the ancient Greek churches.

Now Stary Krym - resort city, where people are treated with respiratory problems. Here is surprisingly clean air filled with aromas of forest and steppe, the freshness of the sea. In the vicinity of the city are open and are used in the treatment of mineral springs. But there are among them a holy spring, which come to worship not only Christians. About how he was found tells the legend. Once one person lost in the woods. Some days he wandered in the woods without food and very exhausted. Desperate to find his way home, he thought it would die here. But the dream came to him a saint and pointed the way to the source. Of the latter, forces people got there and started to drink the water, from which, it seemed, were added strength. The next day a woman came to power and led him to the house. Since then, the source of sacred cherish, and called his name holy martyr and Healer Panteleimon.

Life says that the holy martyr was born in Bithynia in Nicomedia (Asia Minor). The family was wealthy and distinguished, but the parents professed different religions: Evstorgip father was a pagan, and his mother, the holy Evvula,-Christian. Son named Pantoleonom, which means "around the lion." His mother brought up her son to Christian law, but after her early death of his father gave Pantoleona in pagan grammar school. There the young man began to study medicine at the famous doctor Euphrosyne. Pantaleone was a very handsome young man, and was famous for eloquence and good behavior. Following the submission of the Emperor Maximilian (284-305), he became a court physician.

In those days in the city secretly lived presbyters Ermolai Ermipp and Ermokrat, survived the burning of 20 thousand Christians in the Nicene church in 303 AD. Holy Ermolai saw handsome young man, when he passed by on the street, called him and began questioning him about parents, about faith and life. In discussions Ermolai expounding the truth of Christian faith, which Pantoleon sincerely imbued, from the holy, he learned that the best way to treat the name of Christ. Once Pantoleon saw a venomous snake bites a small child. He read over the dying prayer, called upon the name of Christ, and to cure him. Then Pantoleon converted to Christianity, baptized his holy Ermolai and called the name Panteleimon. After communion Panteleimon seven days acknowledge the revealed secrets. He wanted his father, Evstory became a Christian. But he still refused. Then Panteleimon in his eyes healed a blind man, saying: "Light of thine eyes return Father of light, true God, in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, enlightens the blind, receive your sight!". Seeing this, Evstory baptized himself.

Panteleimon treated not only drugs but also the power of God, and this has drawn many to Christianity. He dedicated his life miserable and suffering, often repeating: "Vsetselebnaya my strength and glory of Christ is true God." The glory of selfless doctor quickly spread through the city. Residents came to him, leaving the other doctors, which caused jealousy and resentment. Someone denounced the emperor that Panteleimon Christian.

Maximilian, calling Saint Panteleimon, asked to sacrifice to pagan gods. But he disagreed, saying that he could not deny the strong over the powerless. He offered to find a sick person and see who can heal him: he or priests. No matter how trying the pagan priests, they failed to help a seriously ill. Then Saint Panteleimon, said: "In the name of God and of Christ, Arise, and be healthy", and the patient recovered. In a rage the emperor ordered executed healed, and Panteleimon tortured. He was hanged on a tree and tore the body with iron hooks, candles, baked, thrown into boiling tin, plunged into the sea with a stone around his neck, but the Lord was with him, unseen, helping to move the flour. Then the saint was thrown into a circus of angry tigers, but they only licked his wounds. Seeing that nothing can break the will of Panteleimon, decided to execute him by cutting off his head. When the martyr beheaded, the wound together with the blood of expired milk, and olive, to which was attached a martyr, prospered and was filled with the healing fruit. Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon died in 305, and was buried in the ground scholastic Adamant. Over time, honest strength of its particles dispersed throughout the world. On Mount Athos is kept honest and mnogotselebnaya head of the saint, she is precious ark in the Cathedral of the Holy Mount Athos Russian Panteleimonovskogo monastery

water source in Old Crimea, named after the saint, is also helping the sick and suffering. Today the area around the undeveloped decorated with flowers. In 1997, Bishop Lazarus was laid chapel, which was dedicated in honor of the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon. Each year on 9 August, feast day is going to a lot of people from all over the Crimea, divine services, pray to the saint, asking for healing from various diseases and ailments, drink the holy water.

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