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Prague Castle - the famous castle (Czech Republic)

Sights Czech Republic The Czech Republic is famous for its castles and fortresses, made in the Gothic style, but their background highlights one & ndash; Prague Castle, which is the world's largest royal residence. By the way, this castle and still bears the title of the largest facilities of this type. It is this majestic building in Prague's Hradcany, which is an area of ​​cultural heritage of the Czech Republic, as well as one of the most popular among tourists and travelers of places for compulsory attendance.

The History of

Date of construction of the castle & ndash; 850 AD This date coincides approximately with the year of the occurrence of Prague. Original form Castle was a wooden likeness of the fort, which was the purpose of protection against different opponents planted near Prague, Czech and one of noble birth, Přemyslid became everything to facilitate construction. The next step in the & laquo; evolution & raquo; the building was the construction of the rotunda of St. Vitus, which happened in 1060. Subsequently, the building was rebuilt in the basilica, and a little less than three hundred years, it was transformed into the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Over time, around the building began to build up a variety of buildings of religious and secular buildings, but unfortunately, not all of these cultural monuments have survived to the present day: the fire that occurred in 1303, completely destroyed the stone princely palace, designed in typical Romanesque art style. That same year, the then ruling King Charles IV ordered to rebuild the castle and built on the site of the burnt palace new. The post of chief architect was nominated by the German Peter Parler. In the main building next to the church of All Saints has grown. A short distance away also founded the previously mentioned St. Vitus Cathedral.

The famous castle

However, the Prague Castle is famous not only for its majestic size. On its territory there are many smaller, but no less magnificent monuments of culture. All covered Prague Castle district is divided into three areas:

  • First Courtyard;
  • The second courtyard;
  • The third courtyard.

The first courtyard of Prague Castle greets visitors an honor guard of two soldiers standing on either side of the main entrance. It is worth mentioning that the case can be made close to the guard photo. This possibility is due to the fact that the soldiers here are not in service, and act as ordinary workers, as opposed to, for example, the Kremlin guard. The history of the first courtyard originates from the times innings of Empress Maria Theresa. Immediately attracted the attention of visitors to the two impressive size of the flagpole, which, incidentally, is completely made of solid wood. Immediately behind them is the entrance to the next area & ndash; the second courtyard.

The history of the second courtyard has about 450 years. To the right of the entrance is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which feature is that it lies in the place where in 1764 there is a kitchen where food is prepared for the coronation of Charles IV. Centre Court draws attention to another feature of & ndash; Leopoldovym fountain. Behind him is a stone arch leading to the Powder Bridge. Another reminder is the Gallery of Prague Castle. This gallery features works from the imperial collections. Gallery is located on the left of the Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary, whose history dates back more than a thousand years ago.

One of the main curiosities of the Prague Castle is St. Vitus Cathedral, located in the third courtyard. The building appears to visitors in its silent majesty. Tourists themselves cover the inexplicable feeling that makes them think about the importance of people in the world. This is not surprising, because the mighty walls of the cathedral, containing the many stories, are already for centuries.

The possibilities for tourists

Czech Architecture For the convenience of exploring all the attractions the direction of travel passes were introduced providing access to all reminders on the site. This means that it is enough to pay only one subscription, but not further oppress her dress in front of every building in the City.

On the square in front of the Royal Palace is full of souvenir shops, stalls selling refreshments, where for a small fee you can eat and enjoy a great drink mulled wine.

Almost the entire territory of Prague Castle is open for tourists, so there is the opportunity to visit virtually all buildings and memorable places. One of these is the Golden Lane. The special charm, the charm and beauty made her one of the most popular attractions among visitors.

In addition to the more have the opportunity to access to the observation deck of the Prague Castle, which opens great view. You can get there, both independently and as part of a tour group.

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