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    October 06, 2015

Church of the Holy name of the Crimean and Theodora Stratilata

Count MS Vorontsov (1782-1856) who are concerned about the improvement of the Southern coast of Crimea, Alushta decided to build a large temple. Prepare a draft of a new church he commissioned the architect Torricelli (1796-1843). It was consecrated on November 30, 1842 Archpriest Yalta church Sorokin with decent priest Nakropinym in honor of Theodore Stratilata. The first priest was Fr. Mikhail Rodionov.

temple is built on state funds, the iconostasis from linden wood produced in the means of the tradesman from Chernigov province Bocharova.

temple was built in Gothic style, and reminded the rural churches in England. Guide XIX century argued that "the centerpiece of Alushta is pretty nice right church with a bell tower in the Gothic style. Alushtintsy very fond of his temple, trying to make it more beautiful and landscaped, one of the donors was a famous industrialist and philanthropist, ND Stakheev. In the 20 years of XX century, the temple has undergone some changes: the altar of the sacristy and ponomarnyu, as well as a new throne. Money for repairs and expansion of the temple priest gathered Serbina. Church of St. Theodore Stratilata was re-consecrated September 6, 1920 by Archbishop Dimitry (Abashidze).

in Alushta temple served hieromartyr Timothy Izotov (1875-1938). He was born and grew up in Simferopol, attended parochial school and loved to serve in the temple. In 1909 he was admitted to the state of the cathedral Alexander Nevsky Cathedral psalm-reader. In 1912, Timothy Izotov was ordained by Archbishop Dimitry (Abashidze) to the rank of deacon. In 1916 he moved to Yalta in the temple Theodore Tyrone , and in 1921 he became svyashennikom Church of All Saints in Simferopol and served in her 6 years . In 1922, in all churches of the Crimea confiscated valuables. Had the father Timothy, grieved at heart, to give the commission all that demanding. In 1928, Archbishop Dionysius (Prozorovskii) ordained deacon Timothy in San priest and sent to the village Novopavlovka. After 8 years, in September 1936, Archbishop Porfiry (Gulevich) put him a priest in the temple Alushta Theodore Stratilata, where he served until his arrest.

congregation liked his pastor for a strong faith, courage, and gentleness of temper. Time was alarming: the churches closed, the priests were arrested, persecuted believers. Community Alushta church after church services were going to house the elder Matron Yakovlevna Levu so secret from outsiders discussing the life of the church, read scripture, Father Timothy performed prayers and funeral services, baptize children. Pronouncing the members of the community sermon, bitterly noted that "with the Soviet rule, the belief in God among the people every day decreases. People even forget the Church and God's power to separate the church from the state and all the while pursuing the clergy and religion in general, there and everywhere pursued. It is the most difficult time. We must humbly and patiently to conduct religious work among the population, we need to unite ".

But not all were able to withstand the pressure from the authorities, two women came out of the church Twenties. This gave a legitimate reason to close the temple. February 8, 1938 Father Timothy Izotov was arrested, interrogated held firm, pleaded not guilty. Eight days later, the abbot of the temple Alushta Timothy Spiridonovich Izotov and chairman of the church Twenties Gabriel Alekseevich Pasevicha sentenced to death. At that time the Crimean land is stained with innocent blood of a true Christian, until the end swept up his cross and appearing before the throne of God eternal intercessor for us. Of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church priest Timothy Izotov canonized locally venerated saints.

was a tragic fate and the other priests: he was shot by a deacon Nikandr Sakun, and his father Peter Serbina four times turned out to bars, but at the request of parishioners went to freedom until he was exiled. They prayed in the church during the Great Patriotic War and after the establishment of peace. The doors of the temple were closed in 1964. The building made a club "Builder", with him several times rebuilt, destroyed the tower at all, and the former church has lost its original appearance.

restored it with indifferent people, alushtintsam who are trying to preserve the historical and architectural value of their city. Even in the 80's family Korobchenko, Anna and Sergei Timofeyevich began stud thresholds of high offices, not only in Crimea, but also in Moscow. They sought to restore the temple in honor of St. Theodore Stratilata, protect it from complete destruction. Funds allocated for the reconstruction of the city, and helped the congregation.

Following the reconstruction of the temple appeared in all its glory. Main entrance doors are decorated with rich carvings, the long transition from high lancet windows on both walls leads the congregation in the central hall. The main part of the temple is in terms of the square. The corners of the roof, as well as in the bell tower, decorated with crosses on thin turrets. Unusual light drum, it is not multi-faceted or round, as usual, but low and square, each side of the drum are arranged in three semi-circular window through which the light penetrates into the hall. The temple is crowned with a cross, mounted on a large onion dome shape. Restorers successfully painted the exterior walls, the combination of light and gray color scheme gives the church an extraordinary charm. Artists S. Markin, and A. Gubskiy decorated the facade of the mosaic icon of St. Theodore Stratilata.

Directly above the main entrance stood a three-tiered bell tower, slim and lightweight, it is very well with the picturesque mountains Demerdzhi. In 1995, specialists of special scientific-production company "Krym-aviamontazh and the Crimean state enterprise" Factory "for a short time, despite the cold weather, wind and wet snow, the helicopter lifted a 23-meter bell tower dome, onion and golden cross.

new temple was consecrated in the name of All Saints and the Crimean Theodore Stratilata. On the day of the church festival render an icon of "Cathedral of Saints pious in the land of Tauris Beamed" created by the labor and talent Archpriest Alexei Medvedev and icon painter Victor Blinov.

In 1992, Alushta church revived ancient Orthodox tradition: in the Epiphany night swim in the sea. It is known that on the Day of the Baptism of the Lord in the churches after the Divine Liturgy the rank of the great blessing of the water, which becomes a special shrine. But it is believed that on this night all the waters filled with extraordinary force, able to help with various ailments. Parishioners of the Church of All Saints Crimean begin to prepare for this event well before January 19. For such a swimming special shirt they sew. In the baptism of believers lit candles go to the sea, singing prayers and exactly 12 hours washed in the waves. Over the years, many people who have suffered a variety of diseases cured.

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