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  • According to analysts, in the coming months on the market of new buildings in the Crimea is expected to increase the number of sales transactions. How will this affect prices, and what the apartments will be of interest to buyers?

    October 06, 2015

Spa resorts of Big Yalta

In Yalta and settlements adjoining to it the quantity having a rest reaches about two millions a year that makes approximately one third of all having a rest in Crimea. Massandra enter into a resort zone of Yalta, Livadija Gurzuf, an Oreanda, Gaspra, Koreiz, Alupka, Simeiz, Foros - places, each of which in itself have wide popularity.

Here use recreational resources of Crimea,  the quantity of beds on square km is more than 200 ones.

In the Big Yalta it is concentrated about 170 sanatorium and medical-improving учереждений. Fine natural factors, and also good medical base promote successful treatment of diseases of bodies дыхани, blood circulations, nervous system and дургих illnesses.

Well-known in Crimea and the Yalta mineral source which has been found out in a crack of a tunnel for swapping of waters of the river Belbek on ЮБК. And in Seaside park all interested persons can have a drink mineral water from рассположенных here two бюветов.

Spa resorts of Yalta

Yalta - the most brisk and most popular of the Crimean resorts whom by right name capital of Southern Coast of Crimea. Here recreational resources are most intensively used.

Yalta - a surprising city. Cool blue of the sea, the cheerful sun attracts and calls... Here there are no habitual seasons, there are two - warm both cool, and evergreen tropical parks "are on friendly terms" with the cool salty breezes blowing from the sea. In February the almonds blossom, and in March already appear colourful весение flowers. The autumn is fine in own way. Not without reason this season name the velvet.

Unique environmental conditions have transformed Yalta into a popular resort. However here it is possible not only to strengthen health and to win illness, but also just fine to have a rest and spend time.

In Yalta it is interesting to all: to tourists and experts, fans of silent family rest and admirers of active pastime.

Spa resorts of Big Alushta

Today Big Alushta rightly famous for its numerous health resorts. Climatic factors of the area is widely ispolzuyutsyav prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Most probably the "resort area" of the city can be called Professors (Work) corner. It is here today, the essential part of Alushta's recreation. Medics called Professor's Corner comfort zone: there is peace and quiet prevails, there is no industry, very little traffic. In the corner of your Professors microclimate - milder than in Alushta.

Most health centers are concentrated in the magnificent resort on beautiful locations: Professkorskom corner, resort towns and cliff Partenit. In general, Alushta resort area stretching from Partenit in the south-west to the village Privetnoye in the south-east, has svashe 70 sanatoria, boarding houses, rest houses, sports camps and other ozorovitelnyh sanatorium establishments that can accommodate more than 20 thousand people . In Partenit are the following spa resorts: Sanatorium "Krim" , OX Ayvazovsky , LOK" ; Moscow », Pension "Eden», Pension "Wave», Pension "Coast» and other base location.

The Utes want to relax expects a lot of private mini-hotel with comfortable rooms.

Spa resorts of Alushta

Southern coast of Crimea begins with Alushta, Kotra is located in the largest valley of the South Coast, overlooking the Black Sea. This is a land of almost perpetual summer.

in Alushta exceptionally favorable conditions for treatment. Summer early autumn air in Alushta dry: he is constantly circulated and updated. Afternoon sea breezes bring healthy air saturated with particles of salt, in the evening fresh air of mountain forests. Summer in this region of Crimea is not very hot, the autumn - warm, winter - mild.

Many sanatoriums, boarding Alushta will make your stay in Alushta useful, enjoyable and memorable.

Spa resorts of Evpatoria

Yevpatoria - a well-known climatic and balneological resort. For many miles it stretches along the coast open to the south Kalamitsky bay of the Black Sea.

Come here under permits and kursovkam, go without or to spend their holidays by the sea, sunbathing on the famous golden beaches, bathe, breathe the refreshing sea breezes. Many were attracted Yevpatoriyskoe curative mud and water рапные Moinakskoye lakes, mineral springs.

In Evpatoria centered about 80 sanatorium establishments. Among them, Resorts and holiday homes. All of them, mostly located in the central part of the spa zone Evpatoria. In the resorts in Yevpatoria you can not only improve their health, but a good rest.

Spa resorts of Nikolayevka

Nikolaevka - a small resort village on the southwestern coast of Crimea and Sevastopol between Evpatoria. Due to its favorable location, the village became a popular resort.

Great beaches and the beautiful sea, plenty of sun and fruit, more and more attractive place. Infrastructure of the village is constantly evolving, new hotels, bars, restaurants, water rides - it gives an opportunity for a fresh look at this resort, which traditionally has a reputation rest on the principle of "cheap but good».

Boarding houses and hotels offering holidays in Nikolaevka for every taste.

Spa resorts of East Crimea

Pensions Eastern Crimea (Sudak, Feodosia, Riverside, Spa)

Feodosia - resort and industrial cent of Eastern Crimea. The city is located on poberezheobshirnogo Feodosiya Gulf.

near Feodosia are lakes with curative mud and drinking brackish water, which is used in spas of the city and far beyond it.

City Feodosia - quite secluded, but long mastered spa stay slim figure. where for successful treatment is practically everything: the curative mud, mineral water, gentle sea, golden sand, dry and hot climate.

Sudak resort area formed relatively recently. Special "kimeriysky landscape, the abundance of nature and history, flavored with a fairly different fruits and wines. The city is located in a broad valley to the sea, is the second largest resort of Feodosiya area.


Activities (hiking and sightseeing tours, youth camps, Republic Z - Kazantip)

Friends We are Classified, prefabricated auto-pedestrian trips to the Crimea under the trademark "MOUNTAIN-SEA. Tours "Mountain-Sea» are in the Crimean mountains weekly from June to September and have a clear schedule of arrival: every Saturday. Groups are formed at the railway station in Simferopol and diverge at 15 days in several areas of the peninsula. Guaranteed races allows you to attach to the emerging group of any number of people - from 1 tourist!

Trips to the Crimea in the round "MOUNTAIN-SEA. The first outing for this program we conducted in 1999. Our programs are tested for years and not one of thousands of tourists. We - a legal and a leading tour operator hiking in Crimea . We are responsible for your safety and quality of the tourist product. Trust your travel professionals!

Tours "Mountain-Sea" includes a week trip to the Crimean mountains, where the group provides accommodation for civilized camp sites (2-3-4-seat occupancy), all meals, services of an experienced guide, cook, transfers, excursion service. Our tourists do not spend the night in a cold tent in the rain, do not have to cook on a fire, do not knock the legs of many kilometers transitions under a backpack. We offer civilized hiking, comfortable mountain vacation . After a week of the campaign on the Crimean mountains, tourists relax 7 days in the Black Sea coast at a youth camp, "Azure." It is this combination tour when the group spent a week in the mountains, and resting a week at sea, is the most appropriate for clients and most promising in the further development of active tourism in the Crimea.

Youth Camp "Azure» is located in close proximity to the famous «Beach club 117". This is a modern resort's dance complex on the 117 kilometer route Simferopol - Kerch in the "Golden Beach" Feodosia. Day is best equipped beach from Yalta to Kerch: comfortable bungalows for recreation, bright yellow shady umbrellas, deck chairs and a bed, locker rooms and showers. Sports fans - site for beach soccer, volleyball, basketball, parallel bars and horizontal bars. Sea shallow and warm, the sand on the beach is clean and yellow. On campus there is a restaurant of European cuisine, sushi-bar and restaurant goa-kitchens, chill-out zone with comfortable sofas, light trance music and hookahs. Design of the complex is maintained in Indian style, and everything will be reminded of the famous resort of Goa. With the advent of the night in the club starts most fashionable disco on the east coast - non-stop until the morning. During the summer at the Club makes quality music best DJs Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, guests from Europe.

Fourth season in a row we organize youth arrivals in the Republic of Z. «Republic of Kazantip» - is a huge beach area, where are dancefloors, bars, restaurants and cafes, playgrounds, souvenir departments , places of worship. At the project « Kazantip» come to the most popular DJs of Ukraine, Russia and other European countries. Round the clock for over a month are held discos, sports events, film shows, entertaining action. Here is an atmosphere of joy and Щастья.
In the Republic of Kazantip is a school kite KITE PLANET.

Rest in Peschanoe

Resort Peschanoe - developing resort, located in a wonderful climate zone Kalamitsky Bay. Those who came to rest in the sand will never forget this enchanting corner of the Crimea. There are many beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches, unique nature resort, recreation infrastructure promotes a good and inexpensive holiday.

Not only famous for its sandy beaches and luxury wellness air, but also for its rich harvests of various fruits: grapes, apples, peaches and more. Fruits grow in pure ecological zone (near Sandy no factory or industrial plant), and therefore absorb the aroma of mixed air and fertile land, acquire at this unusual taste properties.

For resort guests Peschanoe operate a variety of bars, discos, restaurants, billiard, exchange offices, sports grounds, post office, international telephone phone centers.

In boarding houses and health centers are beauty parlors and massage parlors. The only resort where vacationers can experience the healing effect immediately 5 species Crimean climate: forest, steppe, sea, foothill and mountain. This is a real boon for people with respiratory problems (asthma from rhinitis up).

Rest in Sevastopol

Throughout the year, on an excursion to Sevastopol come almost all the residents and guests of the Crimea. And in the summer and "velvet" season - experts and connoisseurs, for which places of worship are Fiolent Cape, Cape Aiya, Laspi Bay and Batiliman with unusual even for the Crimea by unspoilt nature.

Sevastopol in the lead among all cities in the Crimea on the number of foreign tourists, mainly from Britain, France and Italy, visiting the place of the heroic battles of the Crimean War of 1854-1856 years.

In the south-east of Sevastopol is the town of Balaklava. Balaklava bay - the eighth wonder of the world. Anyway, this convinced the locals, who consider her the most beautiful bay of the planet. This is really one of the most picturesque corners of the earth. According to some scholars the bay meets the description of the port lestrigon, which allegedly hit during his wanderings, the Greek hero Odysseus. Balaklava - this unique nature capes Aiya and Fiolent, romantic ruins of the Genoese fortress Cembalo and mysterious ancient temples.

South of Balaklava in the sea stands the rocky promontory of Aiya restricting the west southern coast of Crimea. Here are suddenly a different climate, other plants. Tracts Batiliman and Laspi and on lands of Sevastopol - a full Southshore. Rock chaos in the water look quite dangerous, but the storms are very rare, and the water between the rocks clean. On the slopes of the mountains are numerous evergreen trees, the age of many of them approaching millennial.

If we move towards Bakhchisarai, you get to another town on the lands of Sevastopol - Inkerman. From Inkerman possible by trip-boat to go swimming at the North side of Sebastopol. Beach under Radiogorkoy known as a nudist, and wonderful beaches and Uchkuevka Lyubimovka have all the features of modern seaside resorts. Further north, sandy beaches near the village of Kacha Orlovka and garrison. Coast from Kachi to Sevastopol are not mastered and wild.

Holidays in Truskavets

Truskavets - one of the top spa resorts in Ukraine. Village surrounded beautiful Carpathian mountains, there are concentrated many mineral springs, ponds and many other great places for relaxation. The village is also famous for its mineral water "Naftusya", which is extracted from local mineral wells. Mineral water "Naftusya" is actually a natural medicine, using it a rest, suffering from diseases of the urinary system, feel better after several days of drinking mineral water. The resort is famous for its comfortable Truskavets spas and hotels, while relaxing here you can enjoy the beautiful nature, restore your health and recharge your vitality.

Holidays Truskavets - perfect for people who care about their health, for which the comfort, convenience and excellent service is an integral part of the rest. For vacationers in Truskavets is a wide choice of resorts, hotels and resorts. Modern infrastructure makes the rest Truskavets attractive to many tourists not only from the Ukraine, but from near and far abroad. Also in town is the modern entertainment centers, parks, museums, night clubs.

Rest in Morshyn

Morshyn - one of the most famous resorts in the Ukraine. The resort town is located in the western part of Ukraine among the green forest. Morshyn divided Bereznitsa River, which divides it into a mountain and plains of the part. It focused a lot of mineral springs. As part of mineral water resort Morshyn contains sulfate-magnesium salts, which help restore damaged liver cells, relieve inflammation of biliary tract, and mineral springs Mirshina contribute to treatment of diseases of the liver, intestines, pancreas, diabetes, stomach. As a resort

Morshyn known since 1878. At first it was only health resort, but later medical researchers discovered the healing properties of mineral springs Morshyn which helps in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. At the present time

Morshyn is a modern resort with recreation infrastructure. Rest in Morshyn every year becomes more popular among the citizens Ukriny, Russia and European countries. There are many sanatoriums, boarding houses and hotels.

Rest in Khmelnik

The resort Khmelnik is located in the Vinnytsia region in Western Ukraine. The city is located on the shores of the Southern Bug River, surrounded by beautiful woodlands. The climate here is temperate continental, mild and with a significant number of sunny days per year.

Khmelnik resort known for it's minarelnym sources. Water from springs Chmielnik belongs to radon, hydro-chloride-sodium waters. It is used for inhalation and electrophoresis, irrigation and use for bathing. Morshyn resort also known for its deposits of curative peat mud - Viytivetskoe field.

In Hmenilnike are 8 health-care nursing home beds can welcome 3256. Sanatorium treatment Chmielnik spetsializirueyutsya following diseases: diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, diseases of musculoskeletal system, gynecological disorders, skin diseases, diabetes, stage I-II.

Rest in Koktebel

Rest in Koktebel. The land of blue hills.

Koktebel resort village - one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Crimea. The village is located at the foot of the mountain massif Karadag, in a picturesque valley on the banks of the beautiful bay. Koktebel - is a popular health resort. Ever since the days of the Russian Empire to rest in Koktebel came the creative elite. Such a tradition instilled famous landscape painter Maximilian Voloshin, because it is in Koktebel artist lived most of his career and life path. Here he received his famous guests such as: Alexei Tolstoy, Vincent Veresaev, Marina Tsvetaeva, Nikolai Gumilev, Sofia Parnok and many other cultural figures. A similar tradition has been preserved in our time. Rest in Koktebel and now attracts talented artists, writers, poets, musicians and other members of the art world.

Annually in Koktebel many musical and dance festivals. One of the most famous jazz festivals - «Live in Blue Bay».

Rest in Koktebel - great for families. Where the large number of boarding houses, tourist and recreation centers, hotels and family-type hotels. As a rule, they are not far from the beach, equipped with playgrounds, swimming pools.

If you are looking for comfort, you want to get a lot of positive emotions and memories, or just have a good rest - rest in Koktebel perfect.