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How to treat intervertebral hernia in Udalyanchi. Methods and cost of treatment

Many Russians go to China to solve problems with the spine. The Chinese clinics and spas are used as traditional Chinese medicine and modern methods of treatment. The resort, which specializes in the spinal diseases in China - city Udalyanchi.

Although herniated treatment in Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the conservative methods in medical facilities may also Udalyanchi surgery.

Chinese medicine is now available to all . You only call 8 (800) 200-78-85 (toll-free in Russia) or leave a request on the website Managers of the company for the organization of therapeutic tours will contact you, all talk and answer questions.

Treatment of a herniated disc in Udalyanchi

Non-surgical treatments

Within the non-surgical treatment of herniated disk use the following procedure:

  • Treatment massage and manual therapy .
  • Individual herbal medicine . Presented in the form of herbal steaming and injection to the damaged disk.
  • Moksoterapiya . This procedure is warming carbon smokeless cigars and cones of wormwood biologically active points.
  • Acupuncture . The impact on the individual points with special needles, thereby eliminating the pain.
  • Iglonozh . This medical device is a blade diameter not more 1 mm, together with a small needle. Iglonozh brings immediate relief, it does not remain cuts or other visible damage to the skin.
  • Vacuum Therapy . To perform this procedure using medical banks. They differ in shape, size and material (glass, bian stone, bamboo, plastic, copper and other materials). Banks are placed on the patient's body so as to influence the acupuncture points are required. spinal traction.
  • Traction is carried out via the multifunction device, manufactured by advanced technology. The procedure helps to & nbsp; retraction hernias and removing pains associated with them
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  • Physiotherapy . The purpose of & nbsp; the gym - & nbsp; the strengthening of the muscles that help hold the spine in the correct position
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Non-surgical treatments for spinal hernia

Operating treatments

By combining the best ways to deal with intervertebral hernia, Chinese doctors suggest surgery.

The operations are:

  • Gidroplastika . In the course of the spine makes a small puncture through which a special solution is injected under high pressure into the disc cavity. With it removed the affected tissue, allowing the disc falls into place.
  • laser or laser vaporization reconstruction . The essence of both of these methods is the core heating and vaporization of the fluid through the introduction of a special fiber.
  • The destruction of the facet nerve . In the course of this microsurgical operations are blocked pain receptors of the intervertebral discs.
  • Discectomy . The operation involves the partial or complete removal of the vertebral arches through a small incision.
  • The endoscopic or microsurgical removal of herniated discs . similar to the previous method. The difference is & nbsp; in that to control the actions of a neurosurgeon or an endoscope used micro
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Removal of herniated discs

How much is the treatment of herniated discs in Udalyanchi


Treatment Cost

is dependent on a procedure of appointing & nbsp; and & nbsp; the pricing policy of a health care facility


The following are the approximate price on the procedure for the two-week course of treatment:

  • massage - from 500 to 600 $;
  • acupuncture - 300 $;
  • iglonozh - $ 400;
  • vacuum therapy - $ 70;
  • phytotherapy - $ 400;
  • spinal traction - 100 $

Price operation starts from $ 3 thousand and reach & nbsp;.. 12 thousand dollars - depending on the complexity. The quoted price includes MRI, X-ray, the operation itself and the recovery procedure for 14 days.

Regardless of the chosen method of treatment of spine hernia, patients & nbsp; recognize their effectiveness. In addition, prices in China are much lower than the treatment in European and American hospitals.

Thanks to the combination of all these positive factors, Udalyanchi can be considered as an excellent alternative for patients from Russia.

Reviews of the treatment in China

Khorkina Helena, 56, Yakutsk

Before the trip back aching, so much so that it pinched some nerves because intervertebral hernia , it was impossible to move his hand. For a long time I am going, but tired of enduring the pain, and I went for a week in Udalyanchi. And I say - Chinese massage - this is a miracle! I do stretching, while there was a crunch and instantly felt better. After the daily course of the massage, I went back home, feeling healthy. It seems that improved and posture. Do not tolerate the pain, in China can help you!

Eugene, 49 years old, Khabarovsk

With the husband is the third consecutive year, visit the sanatorium "worker" in Udalyanchi. First we went to rest easy, but in the autumn of 2015 my husband decided to treat the knee, which hurt after injury. Three injection iglonozhom pain removed immediately! I also removed the sand in the kidney and fine phosphate stones. US I did in Russia, and knew they were there.

Kseniya, 36 years, Moscow

Recently arrived from Udalyanchi, vacationing in the resort of Hua Xing. I spent a week there, but what it was a week! During this time I heal your body and began to feel like a complete person. Impressions from the trip were only positive: a new resort, attentive doctors who treated professionally. Now all I advise!