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Villa «Santurina»

ICQ (manager): 621780104
Phone:  +38 0652 71 46 28
+38 095 744 75 63
+38 063 861 88 91
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(Evpatoria, smt Popovka)

Popovka village 28 kilometers west of the Index - one of the most ecologically clean places of the Crimean peninsula.

cozy private pension is located 10 minutes walk to the "Republic Z", 5 minutes walk to the sea (400 m). A smooth landscape and coastline, warm temperate climate have a good rest.

Villa (2 floors) with 50 rooms with a maximum capacity of about 120 people

  • Luxury for 2, 3 persons: 2 rooms, double bed, sofa, room facilities, a refrigerator, television, air conditioner, kettle;
  • Junior Suite for 2, 3 persons: room + glazed veranda, two twin beds and a sofa bed, room facilities, refrigerator, TV, air-conditioning;
  • DBL, Triple  - 3 single beds, room facilities, refrigerator, TV, air-conditioning;
  • SNGL: a single bed, room facilities, refrigerator, TV, air-conditioning.

The rooms carpet. Room service - every day. Change of linen every three days.

Cold and hot water (electric water heaters) constantly.

Two meals a day (100 UAH. Per person. / Night), is included.
professional experienced chefs have prepared a delicious menu. Even the most demanding gourmets will also appreciate dishes made with local seafood (flounder, Katran, brine, sturgeon, mussels, etc.)
Organic fruits and vegetables grown in the Crimea, are able to quickly remedy the lack of vitamins inhabitants of megacities. < br /> Cafe "a la carte", located at the pool and in the daytime heat, and cool in the evening to satisfy all your desires: soft and strong drinks, hot and cold snacks, meat, seafood - grilled, barbecue and a traditional steak with golden brown, salads and fruits.
possible to organize celebrations and all kinds of celebrations.

boundless sandy beach (quartz sand) in 400 m from the pension. Log into the sea smooth, the depth increases gradually. Average water temperature in May +18 ° C.
In comparison with other resorts of Crimea, improving the water content of mineral salts and mikroellementov. Due to this, swimming is just a nice fun turns into a treatment procedure.

At the villa's service to the seawater pool (depth - 1,8 m); cafe "a la carte", located by the swimming pool, parking for 20 cars (included), children's playground , trampoline, inflatable toys.
Services for an additional charge: safe, sauna, massage, hairdresser, billiards, Internet café (Wi-Fi), laundry.


  • Diving - under the guidance of an experienced instructor you will quickly learn to dive, and high-quality equipment will only help in this. From 24 July to 30 September is festival diving - Liveaboard tusovka middle of hot summer, warm waters and uncharted depths of the sea route Sevastopol - Popovka - Cape Tarhankut.
  • car tour of the Crimea
  • Aquapark (30 km. from a. Popovka) with lots of hills.
  • Boat trips on the boat
  • Fishing
  • Festival Kazantip - Kazantip International Youth Festival, which each year gathers thousands who want to enjoy your time. Dozens of dance floors and bars, meeting new friends and a great mood - all this is an integral part of the Orange Republic Kazantip.

From Simferopol bus, shuttle or train to Evpatoria
From the railway station Evpatoria bus or taxi to the village. Peace, from the bus n. peace down to the sea to the villa "Santurina».

Evpatoria, P. Popovka Str. Sunny, 3.

For accommodations at a boarding house must have: passport, ticket (or the exchange form on the tour operator), for child's birth certificate.
Children are accepted from any age.

Full Time

Prices in Villa «Santurina»

The cost per person per day,
 RUR  |  UAH  |  USD  |  EUR 
Luxury for 2 person  
Junior Suite for 2 persons    
Junior Suite for 3 persons      
Luxury for 3 persons        
20.05 - 30.06 208 230 268 226 252 302 255
30.06 - 31.07 235 262 315 271 292 357 345
31.07 - 17.08 476 565 593 545 640 700 640
17.08 - 31.08 238 267 318 275 312 362 355
31.08 - 30.09 176 185 225 190 217 252 235
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In the period from 01.07 to 31.08 in Double and Double rooms with air conditioning will be living members Youth arrival KaZantip


  • Children under 3 years stay without a job and food - for free (as agreed).

Price includes vouchers

  • Stay in the room of this category.
  • 2 meals a day in the dining room
  • Use beach
  • use of swimming pool
  • the parking
  • Compulsory insurance (medical and accident)

The cost of transfer from railway station and airport of Simferopol - 390 UAH
If you order and pay for the simultaneous transfer immediately to both parties will receive a discount 25 UAH.

Living in a boarding house, you can visit the following sites

  • dinopark Evpatoria
  • Dolphinarium
  • Sevastopol and "The Count's Quay»
  • Panorama of Sevastopol
  • Diorama Sevastopol
  • Great White Livadia Palace
  • Palace "Swallow's Nest" - the castle of Baron V. Shneygelya
  • Alupka "Palace - the landlord of the Earl MS Vorontsov
  • Massandra palace of Emperor Alexander III and wine cellars
  • Yalta Zoo (with an aquarium) and the clearing tales
  • Dolphinarium
  • Falls Wuchang-Su
  • Cableway to the summit of Ai-Petri
  • Nikita Botanical Gardens
  • Quay Yalta



  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Parking
  • Pebble beach
  • Park
  • Gym
  • Sports ground
  • Restaurant
  • SPA-complex
  • Outdoor pool
  • Sandy beach


  • Smorgasbord
  • Dietary
  • Breakfast
  • Three meals
  • Two meals
  • All inclusive
  • Possible without meals


  • Respiratory system
  • Circulatory system
  • Gynecological diseases
  • Urological diseases
  • Nervous system diseases
  • Digestive system diseases
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Musculo-skeletal


  • Ability to prepare
  • Кондиціонер
  • 1-bed accommodation


  • No limitations
  • Playground
  • Children's playroom
  • Children's animation
  • Health services
  • Free accommodation

Distance to the beach

  • Up to 50 meters
  • Up to 100 meters
  • Up to 200 meters
  • Up to 300 meters
  • Up to 400 meters
  • Up to 500 meters
  • More than 500 meters
  • Transport by bus
  • Descend by elevator

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Comments about Villa «Santurina»

  • Алена, 2013-08-04 22:21:36

    Были с подругой в этом году в Сантурине. Не могу сказать, что все плохо, но недостатков оказалось больше, чем ожидали. На фото вилла намного больше, на самом деле маленькая. так что виллой её назвать просто язык не поворачивается. бильярда, парикмахерской и всяких других обещанных вещей там нет. Есть кафе, оно же бар, где вечерами проходят развлекательные программы, дискотеки. Кормят отлично, тут не поскупились. Но номера тесные, развернуться особо негде. единственное есть кондеционер, без него тяжело. вид из окна на крыши или заборы, что безусловно впечатляет. уборку делают нехотя, могут и не убрать. палатенца нам сменили за 10 дней всего 1 раз! согласитесь, так не должно быть! вы и на пляж его берете, и так пользуетесь. кстате про пляж. врут они, что он в 700 метрах. ничего подобного. до него мин 15 ходьбы по разным закоулкам. рядом цивилизации практически нет (ни баров ни кафе), гулять негде. нам приходилось ездить в Евпаторию, благо автобусы ходят часто. P.S. И еще - к администратору с ресепшена обращаться бесполезно, ничем не помогает. никто никому не нужен. Так что думайте сами, решайте сами стоит ли там жить и тратить свои деньги.

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