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Sanatorium Carpathians

ICQ (manager): 621780104
Phone:  +38 0652 71 46 28
+38 095 744 75 63
+38 063 861 88 91
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Sanatorium "Karpaty" is located in the southeastern part of Truskavets. Next to the sanatorium is a reservoir and lesomasiv. On the territory there is a park "Undermountain". Park was awarded the Grand Gold Medal of the national award in the field of landscape and architectural design "Blooming Ukraine 2008" for the use of ethnic motifs in landscape design.

2 local one-room accommodation "standard" (12kv.m) Accommodations: all amenities, TV, telephone, refrigerator.
1 but 2 local 1-room apartments "improved" (12kv.m.) Accommodations: all amenities, TV, telephone, refrigerator, repair
2 local 1-room apartments "improved" 2 (18kv.m.) Accommodations: all amenities, TV, telephone, refrigerator, repair
2 local 2-room apartments "Lux" (12 +12 m) Accommodations: all Shower, TV, telephone, refrigerator.

Cold and hot water is on schedule.

3 meals on buffet system

On the territory Carpathians is a bar "Carpathian" cafe "Garazhda", sauna, gym, gym, swimming pool, billiards, table tennis, beauty salon, solarium . For vacationers who arrived by car, next to the sanatorium operated paid parking lot.

In the price includes the following diagnostic and treatment procedures :
Diagnostic procedures:
- Clinical and biohimichnaya labolatoriya (4 settings);
- gastric and duodenalnoe sensing;
- rektoromanoskopiya;
- electrocardiography
- Ultrasound (3 options)

- mineral and whirlpool baths;
- ozokerite;
- physiotherapy;
- hydropathy;
- Mechanical massage;
- inhalation;
- gynecological irrigation;
- intestinal irrigation;
- microclysters
- rectal swabs
- enteral oxygen therapy;
- physiotherapy;
- mineral water pump room;
- zallechebnoy PE;

Medical consultations:
- urologist;
- therapist
- psychotherapist;
- gynecologist;
- the otolaryngologist;
- Dentist;
- Cardiologist;
- neurologist;
- psychologist;
- Surgeon;
- endocrinologist.

for an additional charge

Diagnostic procedures:
- bakteriologichnaya diagnosis and uroligichnih ginekologichnyh zahvoryuvan;
- Ultrasound (5parametrov);
- usledovaniya biochemical blood (17 settings);
- x-ray;
- X-rays;

- manual and underwater massage;
- hydro;
- Dental with prosthetics;
- non-surgical treatment gemoroedalnyh knots < br /> - alternative and traditional medicine;
- treatment of urological diseases, sexually transmitted infection, andrological and gynecological diseases;
- speleotherapy;
- ozone therapy.
own medical facilities, minibyuvet mineral waters. To the main pump-room mineral water ≈ 15-20 minutes on foot.

Workshops and Conferences
Spa offers services for conferences, seminars and business meetings.

train to Lviv, 100 km further shuttle to the Train / Railway Station, the Truskavets. From the train station to the sanatorium - resort by bus or taxi.

Ukraine. Lviv region., Truskavets ul.Karpatskaya 2.

For accommodations in the resort you should have a passport, a ticket (or the exchange form tour operator), outpatient's card (we take the place of residence at the therapist), for children need birth certificate, certificate of vaccination and epidokruzhenii (taken the place of residence at the pediatrician).
Children of any age.

Estimated time of 12.00

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Prices in Sanatorium Carpathians

The cost per person per day,
 RUR  |  UAH  |  USD  |  EUR 
Junior Suite  
Dbl standart      
01.11 - 31.12 495 580 680 830
01.01 - 31.01 530 610 735 890
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  • Children from 3 years old living on extra. site (roskladushka) - 88 UAH / day (net)
  • offers location for children under 4 years (without a seat and meal) - free

    Prices include

    • Accommodation in this category
    • three meals a day
    • basic treatment
    • swimming pool, sauna, room trenazhornogo
    • compulsory insurance (medical and accident insurance)
  • Facilities


    • Indoor swimming pool
    • Parking
    • Pebble beach
    • Park
    • Gym
    • Sports ground
    • Restaurant
    • SPA-complex
    • Outdoor pool
    • Sandy beach


    • Smorgasbord
    • Dietary
    • Breakfast
    • Three meals
    • Two meals
    • All inclusive
    • Possible without meals


    • Respiratory system
    • Circulatory system
    • Gynecological diseases
    • Urological diseases
    • Nervous system diseases
    • Digestive system diseases
    • Endocrine diseases
    • Skin diseases
    • Musculo-skeletal


    • Ability to prepare
    • Кондиціонер
    • 1-bed accommodation


    • No limitations
    • Playground
    • Children's playroom
    • Children's animation
    • Health services
    • Free accommodation

    Distance to the beach

    • Up to 50 meters
    • Up to 100 meters
    • Up to 200 meters
    • Up to 300 meters
    • Up to 400 meters
    • Up to 500 meters
    • More than 500 meters
    • Transport by bus
    • Descend by elevator

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    Comments about Sanatorium Carpathians

    • Галина, 2015-09-03 11:05:19

      Санаторій так собі. Хіба парк гарний. Все інше потребує оновлення. Плюс на окраїні міста. Мені з сином прийшлось переїжджати в санаторій "Віктор", який біля нижнього бювету.Ми не могли долати таку відстань. А перед приїздом всі запевняли, що Трускавець маленьке місто. Воно то невелике, але має багато крутих підйомів. У Вікторі нам сподобалось. Чистенько, новенький номерний фонд, і привітливий персонал. Наступного разу поїдемо туди.

    • Алина и Юрий, 2011-12-02 11:32:52

      Прекрасное место для всей семьи. Есть детская комната , что в нашем случае было очень удобно. Очень качественное питание и красивая территория с ОГРОМНЫМ парком. Бесплатный бассейн тренажерный зал и сауна это хорошо. Понравилось что менеджмент понимает запросы современных деловых людей так как wi-fi работает по всюду и также бесплатно. Отдельное спасибо хотим сказать Зоряне с культуры, Юре массажисту ну и Наталье Олександровной!

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