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Spa hotel «Gurzufsky»

ICQ (manager): 621780104
Phone:  +38 0652 71 46 28
+38 095 744 75 63
+38 063 861 88 91
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(Gurzuf, Big Yalta) )

Spa hotel Gurzufsky (formerly Gurzufsky military resort) is located in a beautiful old park one of the best resort regions of Crimea - Gurzuf village on the banks of the picturesque bay, 18 km. Yalta.

Of natural landmark building houses a beautiful landscaped park of exotic plants, with fountains and sculptures. More than 100 species of trees and shrubs in combination with the sea air, low humidity create a unique microclimate, exceptionally favorable for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory, circulatory and nervous system throughout the year. Beautiful fishnet sanatorium combine several styles: Russian wooden architecture, antiquity and architecture Bakhchsarai palace.

Covers resort to receive more than 500 guests. Accommodation: standard rooms and deluxe rooms 9 - storey building and 2-storey cottages.

  • 2-person standard 1-room facilities. Room area 13-15 square meters. m. In the room: bathroom (toilet, shower), TV, fridge, balcony with outdoor furniture. Beds are separate.
  • 2-bed 2-room facilities. Amenities: bedroom and living room (12 and 16 sq.m.), bathroom (toilet, bathtub, sink), telephone, refrigerator, TV, balcony with outdoor furniture: a table, two wicker chairs. Beds are separate.

Cold water, hot - on schedule.

Full board in the dining room spa, custom, including diet. Service waiters. For additional payment on arrival - a commercial, drawn up in emergency room resort Gurzufsky.

Net, located 200 meters from the building, with little comfortable, insulated, length 240 meters, is equipped with parasols, solarium, changing rooms, sunbeds, shower and toilet facilities, medical facilities, pharmacy.
Facilities include water rides, bar and sauna on the beach, water tours, boat and water bikes.

The resort operates a wellness bar, tasting room Crimean wines, bar, hairdresser, post office, parking, tour desk, sauna, three volleyball courts, two tennis courts with a natural clay surface, badminton court, athletic training room, billiards, cinema 600 seats , library, indoor swimming pool with heated sea water, fitness room.

Profile Spa - treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, organs of respiration. Doctors will conduct a comprehensive survey of health centers and appoint the best treatment. Widely used bezmedikamentoznye methods: physical therapy, fitoaromaterapiya, ultrasound treatment, massage and vibration massage, climatotherapy, physiotherapy, aerotherapy, balneotherapy, mud therapy, halochamber, vibro, manual therapy and acupuncture. There are diet food.
For an additional fee - alpha massage capsule (vibro), manual therapy, massage, ultrasound studies, halochamber ("salt cave"), dental care, mud (mud mud of Saki lake), phyto-bar.

Seminars and Conferences
spa hotel offers conferences, seminars, business meetings.

From Simferopol bus or trolley to the city of Yalta. Coming from the trolley bus № 52 to the village Gurzuf.

Ukraine, Crimea, Yalta settlement Gurzuf Street, Leningrad, 10.

For accommodations at a resort should have: passport, ticket (or the exchange form on the tour operator), spa map (takes the place of residence with a general practitioner), Children's testimony the birth certificate of epidokruzhenii and Immunization (taken the place of residence at the pediatrician).
Children are accepted from any age.

Full Time
Arrival from 12.00, departure before 10.00


Prices in Spa hotel «Gurzufsky»

The cost per person per day,
 RUR  |  UAH  |  USD  |  EUR 
2 room suite
09.05 - 31.05 2050 2470
01.06 - 16.06 2050 2470
17.06 - 28.06 2250 2675
29.06 - 10.07 2570 3055
11.07 - 22.07 2630 3130
23.07 - 03.08 2630 3130
04.08 - 15.08 2630 3130
16.08 - 27.08 2630 3130
28.08 - 08.09 2630 3130
09.09 - 20.09 2595 3085
21.09 - 02.10 2485 2955
03.10 - 15.10 2205 2630
16.10 - 31.10 2045 2465
01.11 - 27.12 1925 2320
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  • Children under 3 years without extra space and power - for free
  • Children from 3 to 14 years in business meetings in - 20%.

Price includes vouchers

  • Stay in the room of this category
  • Full board in the dining room of the sanatorium (standard room) or in a restaurant (superior rooms)
  • Use of the beach
  • Treatment on the profile of the sanatorium
  • Compulsory insurance (medical and accident)

transfer fee from the railway station of Simferopol - 320 UAH (airport + 50 UAH)
If you order and pay for the simultaneous transfer immediately to both parties provided discount 25 UAH.

Living in motels, you can visit the following sites

  • Cableway to the summit of Ai-Petri
  • Great White Livadia Palace
  • Palace "Swallow's Nest" - the castle of Baron V. Shneygelya
  • Alupka "Palace - the landlord of the Earl MS Vorontsov
  • Massandra palace of Emperor Alexander III and wine cellars
  • Yalta Zoo
  • Falls Wuchang-Su
  • Nikita Botanical Gardens
  • Quay Yalta



  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Parking
  • Pebble beach
  • Park
  • Gym
  • Sports ground
  • Restaurant
  • SPA-complex
  • Outdoor pool
  • Sandy beach


  • Smorgasbord
  • Dietary
  • Breakfast
  • Three meals
  • Two meals
  • All inclusive
  • Possible without meals


  • Respiratory system
  • Circulatory system
  • Gynecological diseases
  • Urological diseases
  • Nervous system diseases
  • Digestive system diseases
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Musculo-skeletal


  • Ability to prepare
  • Кондиціонер
  • 1-bed accommodation


  • No limitations
  • Playground
  • Children's playroom
  • Children's animation
  • Health services
  • Free accommodation

Distance to the beach

  • Up to 50 meters
  • Up to 100 meters
  • Up to 200 meters
  • Up to 300 meters
  • Up to 400 meters
  • Up to 500 meters
  • More than 500 meters
  • Transport by bus
  • Descend by elevator

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Comments about Spa hotel «Gurzufsky»

  • Женя, 2015-08-05 10:13:29

    Провели с женой майские праздники целых 10 дней в Крыму в ФГБУ «Санаторий «Гурзуфский».В Крыму оба были еще детьми, поэтому, что там было при Украине, мы не знаем. Можем оценить только состояние 2015году. Территория. Санаторий стоит в шикарном месте на“ Южном берегу Крыма, красота невозможная. Виды с верхнего этажа захватывают. Территория санатория это парк 18 века. Внизу море, сверху горы. Парк весь в зелени, есть где присесть в тени, множество фонтанов. Погода не сказать, чтоб сильно жаркая была, купаться желания не было. Недалеко от санатория Воронцовский дворец и парк, есть канатная дорога на Ай-Петри, Ласточкино гнездо, да и до Ялты недалеко. В общем, скучать было некогда. Пляж, где мы просто гуляли ,огромный, думаю, даже летом там не проблема всем разместиться. Море совсем рядом, наш корпус (9 этажей) стоял не дальше, чем метров 150. Номер мы брали двухкомнатный стандарт. Питание очень приличное в санатории. Кормят три раза в день,питание заказное. Этого вполне хватает, можно выбрать из нескольких блюд: мясо, курица, рыба. Фрукты, овощи тоже всегда были в ассортименте. Из того, что не понравилось, нет вай фая в номерах, это не удобно. надо бежать в холл или приемное отделение. Лечение было включено в стоимость путевки но мы не стали ходить на процедуры, знали, что будем много ездить, но сходили три раза в соляную пещеру, она весьма неплоха. Понравился бассейн. В Крыму нам очень понравилось, не осмотрели и малой части всех интересных мест. С удовольствием приедем еще.

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