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Peter and Paul Cathedral

Small old Oktyabrskaya street (formerly the Peter and Paul) displays on the square, where stands an old temple in the name of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. More recently, he was in a terrible waste: there was no bell tower, crosses do not make it a dome, there was no fence.

Unfortunately, few people knew then that the abandoned and destroyed the temple was built in the early nineteenth century at the request of and at the expense of the new residents of Simferopol Despite the decree of Empress Catherine II "built in the Ak-Mosque decent church cathedral", the resolution the construction of the Holy Synod issued in 1801. Christian population of Simferopol in dire need of a spacious temple, as a small Constantine and Helen Tower Church could no longer accommodate all the parishioners.

Construction of a new church began in 1805, all this time, parishioners raised funds. November 8, 1806 a new church was consecrated. It was a wooden, rectangular building on the western side rose a tower, located on the eastern apse is pentagonal. The eight pillars of the internal space was divided into three naves, of which the central was the widest. In the temple was not painting, his chief adornment was the iconostasis. Bells for the Peter and Paul Church were cast from copper, remaining after the destruction of the mint Ak-Mosque, more than twenty years, the bells of the parishioners of Saints Peter and Paul Church convened in the prayers. Over the years it became dilapidated, and it was closed. The city built a new cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, where they passed the bell, church utensils, vestry.

the second half of XIX century in the Crimea through the efforts of His Eminence Innocent opens a new diocese of the Orthodox Church. Have been strengthened, the position of Christianity in the peninsula, began active construction and reconstruction of churches. In 1865 simferopoltsy decided to revive the Peter and Paul Church.

The project has developed a new church Petersburg architect K. Lazarev. The old wooden church was dismantled, and in its place June 29, 1866 provided a new building of the church, the congregation participated in its construction. Contract work conducted K. Vorontsov, monitor performance Provincial Engineer Grachev, arranged iconostasis master Zaitsev. In August 1866 the church construction was completed, but four more years of the interior work. The appearance of the temple has changed: he was in-built in the shape of a cross, stretching from west to east, the council has expanded considerably, filled with light thanks to the twelve windows, arranged in the drum. Special grace differed interior of the temple. Finally, all the work was completed, and August 16, 1870 council re-opened the gates for his parishioners. When the temple since 1868, there were parochial custody and two colleges - the male and female.

Thanks to the testimony of Bishop Hermogenes, we know that in the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul remained "excellent old icon of the Holy Trinity with a part of the robe of the Lord in kovchezhtse and the relics of St. saints depicted in the icon, a silver-gilded cross with the inscription 1693 year ".

In this sanctuary - a sad and touching story. During the Crimean War, 1853-1856 i.i, an unidentified officer left the icon in the Peter and Paul Church with the condition that at the end of the war will return for her, but if not - it stays in the temple. After the war, but no one came for the icon ...

Icon carefully preserved, on Thursday before it was read akathist.

Parishioners loved his church, cared about him, trying to make it more beautiful and landscaped. In 1890 the churchyard was enclosed with an openwork metal fence in the yard of planted trees and ornamental shrubs. The area around the Peter and Paul Church, and gradually built up area of one-and two-story houses - according to the laws of church architecture buildings around the church should not be high, so that the cathedral is clearly visible from all sides.

Peter and Paul Church is constantly updated. In 1902-1903, young artists from the Academy of Art painted the dome of the cathedral. In the dome was the Lord of hosts is depicted surrounded by the Heavenly Powers, walls between the windows decorated with ornaments, and on the belt drum 12 medallions with images of 12 Apostles. In the next two years, finished painting the walls.

in 1937 ended in worship and Paul Cathedral. Dismantled the dome and belfry of the church staged a warehouse. Simferopoltsy remember well, as more recently looked Cathedral - a headless, skinned, with a concrete ramp to the entrance of trucks inside the former church, with a tree on the roof ... And around clinging steklopriemny item, pub. The mountains of empty boxes, scraps, drunken pub regulars, profanity.

Only in the 1980's the restoration of the Peter and Paul Cathedral. The author of the project was the architect O. Sergeeva, and the work performed by CJSC Krymrestavratsiya. Has been previously done a lot of preparatory work. In the archives of the Synod of SL Belova found the projects on which restored the bell tower and dome of the temple.

At the entrance to the temple arranged porch - a porch, stone staircase leads to the entrance, above which stretched to the sky slender tower. The main entrance is framed by thin semi-columns, amaze with the vibrant mosaic image of Jesus Christ of Saints Peter and Paul, who is named in honor of the temple.

Peter, originally bearing the name of Simon - a simple fisherman, called to the Lord on the path of the Apostolate.

Apostle Paul at first was named Saul (in drevneevreyski it means "vyproshenny", "vymolenny"). He belonged to the sect of the Pharisees and persecuted Christians. One day, Saul went to Damascus to deal with the disciples of Christ. Suddenly it struck so bright light from heaven, that Saul became blind. At the same time, Christ revealed to him as a person that he is driving. Miraculously called upon the Lord to the apostles, he received Holy Baptism and received a new name, Paul. He was returned to the eye.

Holy Apostles Paul and Peter by the Roman Emperor Nero had been placed in Mamer Latin prison and at the same time were martyred in 67. Holy Church honors the memory of June 29. On this day in church services take place, during which the saints Peter and Paul glorified as the "other Christ," the river of wisdom, "" heaven-Research Institute of preachers, "" the whole world predstateli "," disciples of Christ, and the foundation of the Church, the true pillars of and walls, and pipes of divine teachings of Christ and suffering ".

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