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    October 06, 2015

In Crimea, September 10 will be held the annual festival of the Yalta onions

annual festival will be held in Yalta onion Crimea 10 September. Celebrations are planned in the village dammed, which will host the traditional onion fair will be organized cooking area and master-classes of various orientation
Many people know that being in the Crimea and not to bring at least vyazanochku sweet Yalta onion & ndash.; it's just a crime. This bow is different specific sweetish taste and a flat shape. It is possible in principle to grow the onions in any location, and it might turn out flat like a saucer, but it will taste exactly the same as the conventional white onion. Even it is not necessary to try & ndash; get one disorder.
Now, few people know the story of the appearance of the very sweet Yalta onions. What his country was not Yalta, the Crimean villages and Blue Bay and landslide.
The whole answer is hidden in ancient times. Once in the days when the Southern Coast of Crimea was too little and settled here lived mostly Scythians and Tauri, in the territory of modern settlements and Blue Bay landslide flowed broad fertile river Lyman. Start it took in the mountains above the village landslide and its greater part flows through the village of Blue Bay. This area is sheltered from the wind gently sloping mountain cat. Where a river Lyman, was positioned valley, which was called after the river Limenskoy.
The river was very deep water, but it was the fact that the river had gone underground, is already known. Perhaps it was the tremors & ndash; earthquake, which in this area are not rare, and perhaps this is the floating tectonic plates served as the reason. In short, the river went into the ground, but at the time that the river was flowing on the slopes, on the banks of the river at the bottom of a bygone settled sludge.
This sludge, as it turns out, is very fertile and has specific qualities. Precisely because of this mud in these territories onion has a sweet taste and a flat shape.
Over time, the people who inhabited this territory, have noticed this peculiarity that distinguished them from the bow onions in the nearby Simeiz. Even located near Simeiz no longer possesses the unique fertile properties, which makes it settled once the soil silt from the river.
The fact that the river and there are still underground, is the truth, as in certain parts of the territory of the observed lush grass and vegetation in these places, if you put any plants & ndash; whether sweet onions or cherry tree, planted the seedlings, or stalk will grow with a vengeance.
However, not only fertile silt has a value in the process of cultivation of sweet onion. One of the main features of onion & ndash; is its shape, and it is known to be flat. To get from time to time such a result, the one who is engaged in cultivation of sweet onion seeds is necessary to plant only high quality flat head with good data and appearance. Only then can the seeds will have the same taste and external quality to which we are accustomed to.
This Yalta sweet onions can be purchased from the residents in the villages themselves, and stay on the road Yalta-Sevastopol in pockets near the mountain cat. In these cubbyhole Yalta onions bring it Limenskoy inhabitants of this valley. There is the usual onions, disguised as sweet as it is done on the road from Yalta to Simferopol. Therefore, the best place to buy it you will not find.
Article prepared based on site-guide Crimea vacation in the Crimea .